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June 14th

Gerardo: "The Willow Tree": Practice at a slow tempo. Take a few minutes to focus on the B section. Make sure you are using the correct fingers, and that you anticipate the hand positions when you have the space to do so. Start playing the piece with the repetition (A-B-A-Coda). Francisco: Read "Halftime Show" (Piano Adventures, p. 51). Keep in [...]

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June 13th

Maria Ines: "Another Love": Practice the song's instrumental part in a loop, until you feel comfortable following the backbeat rhythm between hands. If you need, listen to the music and play along. That will help you with the rhythm's precision. Miabella: Practice "A Teenage Love" from beginning to end. At first, remember to count out loud for half and whole [...]

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June 7th

Gerardo: "Willow Tree": Focus on section B for the next class. Practice slow, and go line by line if needed. be careful to maintain the notes in the melody for the whole bar when indicated. Try to match the speed of section A for the next class. Francisco: "Underwater Theme": start practicing the left hand alone, with 5-2-1 as fingering. [...]

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June 6th

Maria Ines: "Another Love": Practice the instrumental part of the song. Follow the chords for the verse and put them with the intro. Remember that you are in E minor, therefore, all F are sharps. For the rhythm, try to follow the song. "City of Stars": Practice the song from beginning to end for a few minutes. Pay special attention [...]

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May 31th

Gerardo: Willow Tree: Focus on the B section of the piece. Practice first with separate hands, and then put them together slowly. Go line by line, and be particularly careful with the accidentals in the piece (sharps, flats, natural). Play the A section slowly, and try to pick up a faster tempo gradually. Eliam: Piano Adventures p. 54 "Elephant Ride". [...]

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May 30th

Francisco: Practice p. 49 "Waltz". Remember that in lines 1 and 3, you have to move your thumb, and in lines 2 and 4, you must move your third finger. If you can, add the dynamic marks for next week as well. Practice the "Underwater Theme" with separate hands. Maria Ines: "City of Stars": Practice from beginning to end. Keep [...]

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May 24th

Eliam: Piano Adventures p. 53 "Elephant Ride". Make sure you are playing the first two bars with both hands, and always remember to keep your hands on the keyboard. Caedan: Piano Adventures p. 30-31 "A Mixed Up Song". Pay attention to the jumps: they are always 4ths (from C to F and from D to G). Practice Zelda's Main Theme. [...]

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May 23th

Francisco: Practice the "Overworld" theme complete. If needed, play the last phrase of the song in a loop until you can match the speed of the rest of the song. Read piano Adventures p. 48 "Irish Washerwoman". Remember that the line means you have to play the notes without leaving space between them, and the dot is the opposite. Maria [...]

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May 17th

Gerardo: "Tchaikovsky's Theme": Practice with a metronome set at 40 bpm, but remember that that is the "long beat" (so it clicks on beats 1 and 4). "Willow Tree": Practice section A, and try to keep the count on your head. Take a few minutes to practice the transition between the bars indicated in class. Make sure that you are [...]

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May 16th

Francisco: Piano Adventures: Read p. 47 "Hungarian Dance" for next week. Remember that the dot means that you play each note detached from the other. Bars 1-8 are played loud the first time and repeated in soft dynamic. Memorize the last phrase of the Mario song with each hand separately. Keep practicing the other sections of the song. Maria Ines: [...]

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