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March 29th

Gerardo: Practice The Girl From Ipanema with the metronome (50 bpm). The idea is that you can keep going even in you make mistakes. Remember to think about what's next (the triplet, the chord change, or the count) when you have long notes. That will help you to keep pace between parts. For the A section of the song, try [...]

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March 28th

Francisco: Piano Adventures. Read p. 40 (and 41 if possible). If you need to circle or mark the notes to visually help you, do it. Mario Song: Choose a slow tempo and practice from beginning to end. Make sure you can play the notes without missing them, especially the thirds. Maria Ines: In the Name of Love: Figure out the [...]

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March 22th

Gerardo: Girl from Ipanema: Start practicing the whole chord sequence with your left hand. Count while doing it, and remember that just before going back to the A section (Am7-D7-Gm7-C7) they fall every two beats. When you feel confident with that, try those bars with both hands as practiced in class. Finally, play the whole song. Caedan: Read "Mozart's Five [...]

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March 21th

Francisco: Practice the B section of the Mario song. Start slow, and ensure you can follow every rhythm at your chosen tempo. For the last bar, remember the fingering (1/3, 2/4, 1/3, 2/4). Piano Adventures: Read page 40. Maria Ines: City of Stars: Practice the first 2 phrases with both hands as seen in class. Remember to 'jump', making the [...]

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March 15th

Gerardo: The Girl from Ipanema: Take the first part of your practice time to practice the B section's last phrase with the chords (mm. 23-26). When you feel confident with that part, play the complete B section a few times. Since this is the most difficult part of the song, make sure you feel confident with it before trying the [...]

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March 14th

MAKEUP WEEK Francisco: Piano Adventures, "Morning": Play it from beginning to end, always keeping count in your head. Add the dynamic marks (mp, mf). Also, slowly increase the tempo of the piece. Read the next page for the next class. Maria Ines: "In the Stars": Practice playing the chords over the original song. If needed, you can slow down the [...]

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March 8th

Gerardo: Practice the A section of "Tchaikovsky's theme" with both hands. Always keep counting in your head the six beats, until you can feel you have the rhythms solved. Once you feel comfortable playing with both hands, add the dynamic marks. (rit.= gradually slowing down the tempo). Also, take a few minutes of your practice time for The girl from [...]

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March 7th

Francisco: Mario Song: Practice with the technique explained in class for the thirds. Slowly raise the tempo of the song. Piano Adventures p. 37 "French Minuet". Go from beginning to end, and be particularly careful with the skips between notes that you marked on your book. Maria Ines: Payphone: Practice the chorus of the song several times. Use a metronome [...]

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March 1st

Gerardo: "Tchaikovsky's Theme": Practice section A of the piece. Count at all times the six beats. start with the left hand, changing chords every three beats (in 1 and 4). Once you have that, put both hands together. Eliam: Piano Adventures p. 39, "Best Friends". Make sure he's using the proper fingering. He must start with his middle fingers in [...]

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February 28th

Francisco: Piano adventures p. 34-35. "Sailors Tall Tale": Play from beginning to end. Don't worry about the ties in the right hand for now. Just remember that the second A in the left hand doesn't sound (i.e. mm. 1-2, the A in bar 2). If possible, read p. 37. Mario Song: Practice the A section and the little transition with [...]

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