Welcome Cornerstone Families & Employees

Cornerstone Prep & ABC Academy

In 2014, Cornerstone Prep and ABC Academy of Music began working together to provide violin instruction for students ranging from Grade 1 through 12.  The contract ended in June 2016.

The program was unique in that few schools offer a comprehensive and focused introduction and consistent execution of Musical programs throughout the school experience.  This makes Cornerstone stand out as a leader among schools, in addition to its many other programs that align with a focus on excellence in education.  ABC was privileged and honoured to be a part of this community, and to be working with a school that has the same focus on excellence.

This section of the ABC website is for our continued commitment to Cornerstone’s community, and to help make music lessons on All Instruments more accessible to them.

Engaging with your children is a must for this program to be successful.  The many peripheral benefits to people from music lessons are not felt for some time, but are easily apparent as they enter into adulthood.  See this brief post for some information about what music does for your brain, and some of the actual benefits of music lessons.

#1: You Want to Play Better and Have More Fun!

20% OFF first year of lessons, 10% off thereafter.
No other activity connects your body and your mind with the depths of joy that making music brings.  Private Music Lessons are going to give you the strategies move ahead with your playing, but also bring strength to focus, communication, leadership, community, and the habit of completion.  Music is the ultimate compliment to making a good education well-rounded.

#2: You Want Your Kids to Enjoy a Life of Music & its Benefits

20% OFF first year lessons, 10% off thereafter (for themselves).
If they did to Math, English, or Geography what they do to Music, parents would scream bloody murder!

When your kids grow up you want them to be amazing and successful professionals in the fields they choose, so they’re going to need to be able to communicate, listen, collaborate, present, prepare, and learn that there is satisfaction in the effort.  Guess what single activity they can choose to develop all of those skills?  Music.

#3: You Think Everyone deserves a Life of Music

20% OFF first year lessons for your friends (to the end of the current school year).
We all know that person, the one who always expresses envy at your general musical activity, so here’s the moment to tell them to get off their bottoms!

We’ll offer your friends a 20% off so they can get caught up, and start to pursue their own musical dreams!  You know how much fun music can be, so why not share with your friends?  When they register, we’ll also give you an additional 20% off to the end of the school year.  You can also do this repeatedly until your lessons are free, all year, every year.