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TFS & ABC Academy

2017-18 Lesson Registration is Open!  Call Now To Register!

ABC Academy of Music is delighted to work with Toronto French School to enhance the community of one of Canada’s finest educational institutions.  Our mission with your students is to leverage the concrete benefits of musical training to benefit personal and professional potential.

Lessons are available to all Junior and Senior School students, on all instruments we offer.  Lessons are held at the Senior School.

If your young student is in the music program, our commitment is to start lessons with the enhancement of skill and enjoyment of their academic musical effort, and to use that as a launching pad for even more fun playing beyond.

Not in the Music program?  Lessons are open to all students – for a new skill, interest, and fun!

We will be offering all of our standard instrumental lessons as long as there is enough demand.

The details are on this dedicated TFS section of our website. If anything is in any way confusing, just call our office.  We want to make your experience an easy one. If you keep scrolling, you’ll get to meet our teachers!

for how to get started

Registration is Open

We do registration at any time, and independently of the semester-based system you may be used to.  This means you can start any time!

Registration Year-over-Year

Each spring TFS students that are taking lessons will have a priority registration period of 1 week to retain their existing time(s) for the fall.  The following week will be for changing times.  The third week and onwards will be open registration for any TFS student.

Below are our intended instruments for offer at TFS campus.  Lessons a given instrument will be offered if we can reach a reasonable minimum number of students and teaching time for our faculty.  At the time of writing some instruments may be delayed to February 2017.  We encourage you to register for these as soon as possible to help us secure the minimum time we need to guarantee a teacher will come.

Lesson Times

Lessons will occur between Tuesday and Thursday each week, aligned to the TFS school year schedule to minimize interruptions.  Lesson times will vary by instrument, which may be limited in some cases.

Below are our suggestions for lesson lengths.  If you are still unsure, for whatever reason, please just give us a call in the office, and we’ll help you out straight away.

30 minutes

  • Beginners up to 11-12 years of age, depending on attention span.

45 minutes

  • Beginners 12+,
  • younger students with 2 or more years experience on an instrument,
  • at the recommendation of a previous or ABC teacher

60 minutes

  • Experienced players,
  • with 2+ years of experience,
  • coming from a lesson length of at least 45 min.,
  • at the recommendation of a previous or ABC teacher

Exceptions to the above that start at 45 minutes: Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Cello

Tuition Fees

Your monthly billing is based on the average of the cost of all of the lessons for your lesson day for the whole school year.  We do this to keep your billing the same each month.  We’ve carefully engineered the schedule for the school year so that all days and costs are the same for the 2017-18 year.  There are 33 lessons during the school year, and you are not billed for holidays, only the days that lessons are scheduled.

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Please note: that for French Horn Lessons only lessons will be on Mondays, with rates of $152.23/45 minutes, and $182.70/60 minutes.  Lesson rates are the same, but factor out added statutory holidays.


Our preferred method of payment is Void Cheque/PAP form.  We can accept credit cards as well, but prefer the first method.

You can send your Void Cheque/PAP form by email (feel free to take a photo of your cheque), which we will provide to you when you register.

Registration & Re-Registration

When you register or re-register (for the fall, for example), you will be charged for the month (or remainder of the month) to hold your spot.

Please Note

Your lesson time cannot be confirmed (fully booked) until we have received your payment information.

TFS has a selection of Band and Orchestral instruments that may be rented directly from on an annual basis (or half the year if you start now).  What could be simpler?  Please reach out to Mr. Price at school for more information.

For other instruments, please call us in the office.  We will be happy to advise you on sources for rentals or purchases.  We don’t handle those ourselves, but would be delighted to assist with guidance and resources.

This may be a possibility for some instruments.

We will need to have a clear idea of how many students we have for those instruments – and then work to add a teaching slot to the schedule for you.

In order for this to happen we’ll need to do a complete registration for you (minus the day/time of the lesson) and we’ll then be able to make arrangements.  There will be no billing to your account until we have confirmed the day-time with you in person.

Ready to Play?  Call Now: 416-651-7529
Meet Your Amazing TFS Teaching Team!

Just click the instrument or class you are interested in, and choose a teacher!

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13 November 2017

Big Update – Recitals, Make-ups, More

Hello Everybody! We are now barrelling into the holiday season, and there are a number of areas that we'd like to make sure you are aware of important dates, and helpful information. Recital Our Fall recitals will be December 3rd at the Root Down studio at 225 Geary Ave.  The recital is open to all students, including Lawrence Park (TFS) location students.  Participation and attendance is free. Each recitals will be roughly 45 minutes each, and we are taking sign-ups for 12:00 noon, 1pm, 2pm now.  It is OK to call in to book your spot.  We expect, as usual, for our recital to be live streamed over the internet - so you can have your loved ones watch from far away! We like to say that recitals are mandatory for attendance, as seeing live music is a very important part of a music education.  Participation is optional, but we do encourage you to jump in! Make-ups For all locations we will be putting together our make-up schedule in late November, or early December. If you are a new family, the way this works is that we email out the tentative schedule (usually your regular day/time) and then you need to call our [...]

26 October 2017

Important update & information

Hello Lawrence Park (TFS) Students and Families! This is an important date because we have just realized that you may not have been receiving our emails so far this year (due to a missed checkbox in our email software).  Please accept our apologies if this has been the case.  Hopefully, you have been receiving your students' homework posts.  If not, please call our office and use your teacher's page on our website to get it right away (this is always a good first place to check for your homework post). As the Lawrence Park location is new for us, there are still some bumps to be ironed out.  In the interim, your patience has been greatly appreciated.  Remember, you can call us any time at 416-651-7529, and we will do our best to meet your needs as quickly as possible.  A consistent, predictable, and regular lesson is our goal. For now, here is some important information about dates and billing adjustments for the rest of the school year. Future Date Adjustments Please note the following cancellations for future Parent Teacher Interview dates: Thursday, November 2nd Thursday, February 8th Wednesday, February 28 Billing Adjustments If you are affected by these cancellations, [...]

Limited Desk Support Oct.11-19

Hello Everybody, Please note that desk and phone support will be limited during the period from October 11th to 19th.  We will do our best to get back to you as promptly as possible, but please note that some requests may need to wait to be handled until after the 19th. Feeling Sick? If you are not feeling well - even if you think you'll be better for your lesson time - we ask that you call to alert us to the possibility that you'll be away during this period so we can have as much advance notice and time to inform our team. The office can be reached at 416-651-7529.   Thanks very much!

Lessons Cancellations 12 & 19 October

Hello TFS/Lawrence Park families! This Thursday, October 12th, there is a school-wide event at TFS that will prevent lessons from happening. Thursday October 19th will be another cancellation due to Parent Teacher interviews at the Sr. School. Future Date Adjustments Please note the following cancellations for future Parent Teacher Interview dates: Thursday, November 2nd Thursday, February 8th Wednesday, February 28 Billing Adjustments If you are affected by these cancellations, your billing will be adjusted.  We are recalculating your monthly billing to reflect the period from November through June, if you are one of the affected by these cancellations.  This will equal the following, by lesson length: 30 Min. - 134.63 45 Min. - 168.33 60 Min. - 202.03 Further, your November billing will be adjusted down by the amount equivalent to the lessons missed on the 12th and 19th of October (if this affects you). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 416-651-7529. Thank you!

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