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Cicy Chen2021-08-27T16:22:39-04:00

Project Description

B. Mus. Hons. (YorkU)

Cicy is a recent graduate of York University with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Music. She has played the Piano since the age of 3 and a half, and has completed up to level 10 practical and ARCT theory and history at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Additionally, she has been teaching piano and music theory part-time since 2012, and volunteered to work as a piano accompanist in grade 6 elementary school, and grade 11 and 12 high school.

During her years in York University, Cicy studied with Canadian pianists Christina Quilico, and Catherine Wilson. She has also performed on the piano with York University Wind Symphony Orchestra, and York University Media Music.

Get to know Cicy…Beyond the bio!

Hobbies: Piano, piano accompanying, music composition/improvisation, strolling on city streets, participating and going to city-organized events such as food festivals, culture festivals…etc., cooking

Music Influences: Mostly music of the Romantic and Impressionist era, such as Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, etc., Cage, John Williams, orchestral film music, and video games music

Favourite food: All Asian cuisines, with some French, some Italian, some Mexican… it’s hard to choose, I’m not a picky eater, but I love spicy foods

Least favourite food: Bitter melon (it just tastes…bitter), canned fruits (I LOVE fruits, but canned fruits taste like fake fruits to me because it changes the texture and taste of the natural fruits!)

Favourite music: anything that sounds good to my ears, preferably something instrumental, or in languages I cannot understand, I was just never a fan of lyrics, I listen to music solely for the “sounds”

Favourite song: Similar to asking for what my favourite food is, I can’t choose, there are too many, and sometimes I listen to a song because I like one 10-20seconds section of the song, but not the entire song

Favourite movie: Ratatouille, a lot of fantasy, comedy, and sci-fi movies

Favourite movie music: I have 2 that are my all time favourites – Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean

Favourite musical theatre/opera: I really like some arias from operas, but not a fan of operas

Best quote from your teacher: Once in my piano accompanying class, one of the TA’s who was also a singer we worked with in class said, and paraphrased: “Do not say “sorry” Saying “sorry” is a Canadian thing, say f#$% and keep going!”

Favourite quote: I often agree and disagree, and question with many quotes, so I have yet to have a favourite one in which I can recall and fully agree with

Favourite book: Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov

Latest Homework from Cicy

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Try to be more careful when reading the notes and get a few more practices in during the week, feel free to try out the next song for next class, good work this week!



Great improvement this week on your etudes and “Reflection”. Work on everything with clarity, musical phrasing, and details, as well as the things on the list we made. Also, don’t forget your technique (fingering, accuracy/clarity, and tempo)!


Ellis should practice 4-5 times per week at 10 – 15 mins per session

Lesson book

  • Review The Young Haunter – you did a great job this week!
  • Review all notes on the spaces of Treble Clef staff (“FACE”), and learn and practice Half-Time Show (with repeat).

A Dozen a Day

  • New weekly assigned exercises


Chantal should practice 4-5 times per week at 20 – 30 mins per session


  • Review C+, G+ and F+ scales and triads


  • Swirling Leaves – perfect it with fluency & dynamic


  • Etude in C – learn and practice each hand separately with suggested fingering


Alyssa should practice 4-5 times per week at 45 mins – 1 hr per session.


  • Practice and review everything with the metronome at required tempo

Sunset in Rio

  • Memory – review

Sonatina in C

  • Stay at tempo 120, and start practicing with dynamic changes
  • Practice and memorize with dynamic changes

Scherzo in C

  • Work up to tempo in the 160’s to the eighth note with dynamic changes

Allegro in D

  • Section B – Practice with the metronome, get used to staying in tempo
  • Play with the dynamic marking of “2nd time”

In Church

  • Think about the tempo before you start – it should be no faster than the ‘seconds’ on a clock
  • Keep in mind not to accent the quarter-note chord after repeated eighth-notes, unless it’s marked with an “accent”


Maria should practice 4-5 times per week for 20-30 mins per session.

Lesson Book

  • La Raspa – Rhythm Section A – (3 | 1 (rest) 3 | 1 (rest) 3 | 1 (rest rest | rest rest) 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 (rest) 3 | 1…). Section B – (1 (2) 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 (rest rest) | 1 (2) 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 1…). Rhythm Section B – with the pick up notes of E & G, (1 (rest) 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 (rest rest)| 1 (rest) 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 (rest rest)…)
  • Raisins and Almonds – Practice playing hands together, and mind the “ti-ti” rhythm on eighth-notes


Simone should practice 4-5 times per week for 15-20 mins per session.

Lesson Book

  • Review The Dradle Song – try to memorize it if you can!
  • Practice The Bubble (both pages) – let’s aim to finish this book in the next 2 lessons!


  • Try and go on with theory questions on your own before we go back to in-person lessons!


Anna should practice 4-5 times per week for 20-30 mins per session.

Lesson Book

  • Red River Valley – Review


  • A flat major scale exercises
  • Ranch Roundup – start practicing hands together


Sacha should practice 4-5 times per week for 20-30 mins per session.

Red Satin Jazz

  • Start practicing hands together – be mindful of staccatos and rests

The Robot

  • lean the notes, hands separately


Sabrina should practice 4-5 times per week for 15-20 mins per session.

Lesson Book

  • Waltz time – practice hands together – bring out the melody in the L.H., and keep the staccato chords in the R.H. soft

Climbing the Moutain

  • Learn and practice the notes hands separately first, then try playing hands together

Heart and Soul

  • Review playing hands together with chords, and start trying playing hands together with broken chords in the L.H.

Preferred Books for Cicy’s Students

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