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Jay Danley learned his first guitar chords from his father at the age of five. His early formal training came from taking private drum lessons from a number of Toronto’s most distinguished drummers, most notably two years with master drummer Dan Bodanis.

Jay’s teen years were spent in various bands that traveled Ontario and parts of Canada and the U.S. Since that time, Jay’s musical interests have taken him in many different directions.

In 1993 Jay was a founding member of the music/theater improvisation group The Subtonic Monks. The group consisted of an eclectic group of musicians and artists that relied on instinct and communication. This group performed at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal and made several appearances on the CBC.

In 1993 Jay was also hired as the rhythm guitarist for the group Showtime who perform hits from the swing era, where Jay began his deep love for jazz. Showtime has recorded four albums, appeared at Roy Thompson Hall, performed concerts with the world famous vocal group The Four Freshman, been joined by such jazz luminaries as Rick Wilkins, Charlie Mountford, Chase Sanborn and currently performs around Ontario with the legendary Peter Appleyard.

In 1995, Jay was a founding member of Orchesta Klave Y Kongo, a group that specialized in performing the traditional form of Cuban music known as Son Montuno. The band became renowned for their dedication to authenticity, with Jay taking a front and center role playing the “tres”, a type of guitar from Cuba very different from his usual instrument. It was Jay’s abilities on this instrument that led him to play with such musical greats as Jane Bunnett, including a 2001 performance on CBC television for the Gemini Awards show, performing with her at the Ottawa Tulip festival and at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

Jay has also recorded two records with piano maestro Hilario Duran, one of which was nominated for a 2003 Juno award, and has performed with him on several occasions as a regular member of his group “Havana Remembered”.

Latin music has been a very big part of Jay’s life. In 2005 he shared the stage with salsa legend Oscar D’Leon at Massey Hall, and has performed with members of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, including the late Compay Segundo and Jay’s musical idol, Eliades Ochoa. One of Jay’s personal hi- lights was when Eliades passed him his guitar to play on stage in 1998.

He has also played with members of Cuban bands Sierra Maestra, Los Van Van, and The Afro-Cuban All-Stars. In 1999, Jay was an original member of the band Son Ache, who performed at the 2002 Beaches Jazz Festival. Son Ache had the honor of opening for Oscar D’Leon, where Oscar asked Jay to come on stage and play a song, and after which repeatedly called him back on.

In 2004 Jay was a founding member of the traditional jazz group The Hogtown Syncopators. With some of the best local jazz musicians in their lineup, including Drew Jureka (violin), Richard Whiteman (piano), and Terra Hazelton (vocals), this group has recorded an album and holds a weekly residency at The Rex hotel in Toronto.

Jay is also a Juno award winning guitarist, having been prominently featured on the 2009 blues album of the year “Ramblin’ Son” by Julian Fauth.

Jay’s latest creation is the Jay Danley Ethiojazz Project.
Jay continues to play in several distinguished jazz and latin bands and currently resides in Toronto.

Hobbies: collecting old magazines

Favorite food: desert!

Least favorite food: mousaka (russian eggplant dish)

Favorite music: ethiojazz (ethiopian scales and jazz)

Favorite song: The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Favorite movie: Sunset Boulevard

Favorite movie music: “Taxi Driver” – Bernard Herrman

Best musical theater/opera: Johann Offenbach – “Tales of Hoffman”

Best quote from teacher: “If you do it with all you are, someone somewhere will like it”

Favorite quote: “Be the change in the world you would like to see” – Mahatma Ghandi

Favorite book: “The Game” – Ken Dryden

Best thing about teaching at ABC: sharing the joy of making music with others.

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IMPORTANT: Lessons Cancelled Today (Tuesday) for Jay


You may have received this information last night, so apologies for duplication, but we wanted to make sure you got the information.

We must cancel your music lesson Tuesday due to a personal emergency that Jay has, and which is unavoidable.

We are particularly sensitive that this year has proven a bit unstable, and after last week’s TTC fire, which caused delays, doubly so!

We’ll be in touch Tuesday or Wednesday about how we will handle this situation.  Since we are now in the last week of regular lessons, and next week there are make-ups, we will likely issue you refunds for this missed lesson to keep matters as simple as possible.

If you have any pressing questions before you hear from us, please do not hesitate to call. 416-651-7529

Thank you for your continued patience and support,


June 3rd, 2019|

Jay’s Tuesday Students


How long to practice:15 minutes a day

What To Practice;
practice the beginning of Time In A Bottle with emphasis on the new parts

How To Practice Effectively; check to make sure fingers are on the right strings

How Parents Can Support; make sure Lili has a time and place to practice everyday


How long to practice:15 minutes a day

What To Practice;
shallow practice along with words

How To Practice Effectively;
make sure you change chords quickly and smoothly

How Parents Can Support; listen to make sure that the chords are changing at the right time


How long to practice:15 minutes a day

What To Practice;
practice the new chords for Sweet Creature

How To Practice Effectively;
Make sure to check that the chords are correct and that your fingers are on the right strings.

How Parents Can Support; try to get Trinity a nylon string guitar. Have her explain what she has learned in lessons, how the system of tablature works and check to see if she is doing her homework correctly.

May 14th, 2019|
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Jay’s Thursday Students

What to practice; melody for Paper Moon
How to practice; remember what strings to play on and what the numbers mean. observe repeats.
How long to practice; 15 minutes a day.

What to practice; dirty deeds
How to practice; play along with the video
How long to practice; 15 minutes a day. Guitar needs repair.

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Jays Sunday student.

David-practice dust I the wind adding in the new eight bars, practice slowly at first. THen move on to he pik playing for wildwood flower

January 28th, 2018|