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Matt Smith2020-09-01T13:31:51-04:00

Project Description

B.Mus (Humber College)

A recent graduate of Humber College, Matt has quickly established himself as a respected performer in the city’s music scene. While at Humber, Matt had the opportunity to study with some of Canada’s finest jazz and commercial musicians; Brian O’Kane, Alistar Kay, Shelly Berger and Andy Ballantyne, to name a few.

As an active member in the freelance community, Matt’s playing has taken him to such venues as Roy Thompson Hall, The Rex Hotel and the Jazz Bistro. You can find him leading his own trio in intimate venues around the city, or playing with many different jazz, funk or brass bands around the GTA and other Southern Ontario areas.

Get to know Matt…Beyond the Bio!

Hobbies: Cooking, golf, & coffee making

Musical influences: Clifford Brown, Leroy Jones, Clark Terry, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Chicago

Favourite food: Fish burrito

Least favourite food: My mom’s rice – although, everything else she makes is excellent.

Favourite music: Jazz

Favourite song: It’s Always You

Favourite movie: Spirited Away

Favourite movie music: Indiana Jones Theme

Favourite musical theatre/opera: West Side Story

Best quote from your teacher: “BLOW!” – Alistar Kay

Favourite quote: “They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art.” – Charlie Parker

Favourite book: Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

Best thing about teaching at ABC: Sharing my passion for music with youth

Latest Homework from Matt

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Homework for June 2nd


Nice to hear you play through all the major scales these past two weeks. They’re all sounding much more confident. These are a great tool to work on range, articulation and finger speed! Keep playing a few of these every time to pick your horn.

Overall, Etude in C is sounding much better; Its great to hear less stop and starts, more attention to dynamics/ articulation and good breathing. Keep up those good habits! Take some time to check out bar 10 etc , I think if you slow down the fingerings you’ll be able to play it with much more confidence and the air will allow you to play in the upper register no problem!

Your sight reading is getting much better too. Continue to quiz yourself on where notes are in the treble staff. I think you’re really close to unlocking better sight reading. Take your time and check out some other songs from that package I sent you! have fun!

Sight reading material:


Im excited to be approaching the date of the RCM exam, I think you’re going to do great. Just a couple things in the lesson today need to be worked on for the exam.

Mouthpiece study: This is already 90% of the way there. If you play it through a couple times on your horn, when you switch to the MP your ear will be strong and will guide you through it. 

D Chromatic scale: This one is tricky! you need to be super aware of what notes you’re playing when you do this one. You have a tendency to skip one or two notes so it would be to your benefit to practice this slowly and think about every note on the way. Don’t rush on the way down either!

Major scale articulation: Specifically two slurred two tongued was giving you trouble today. Take your time on a scale you’re comfortable with and slowly move up the tempo/ switch to other scales.

Next week we’ll revisit all the rep and do a bit of ear training!

Sight reading material:

Mouthpiece Study:

June 4th, 2021|

Homework for May 22nd

Great lesson today! It’s always nice when we can dig into the technique side of the instrument without getting too tedious. Check out some of the exercises we did:

Long tones chromatically descending from C -> F# one breath/ note. Focus on a full inhalation without straining yourself. Relaxation will allow you to achieve the best sound!

2 octave scales. These are the best. You’re on the right track with it, just keep up the good work. Crescendo up to the top and the air will support the upper register. Do these daily!!

A new one we added in was the 12345 pattern to work on tonguing in the mid/ upper register. For example, you would play F,G,A,Bb,C and tongue the C a couple times then go back down. Continue up the scale in the same pattern. Think spit ball on the top notes to get the air to continue flowing. Don’t break the sound up too much with the tongue.

We also did a slightly different approach to slurring this week too, which I kind of enjoyed more. We did the three note slurs, into the slurred intervals based on the scale and then finally octave jumps. Great for moving all over the horn and adjusting your air stream/ face to get the pitch.

If you do those exercises everyday you will see huge results!!!!

May 24th, 2021|

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