Camps at ABC Academy of Music

Important Information: Camp Policies and Procedures



It is extremely important that parents review expectations for behaviour with their children.  If children attending camp do not maintain the expected standard of behaviour, they will be asked to leave camp for the remainder of the week, and no refund will be given.

Parents acknowledge that this is the first year that ABC Academy has run camps and that timings may not be as indicated, particularly with respect to arriving back at ABC Academy at the end of the day.

Missed Days

There are no Refunds for missed days, regardless of reason.


Cancellation refunds of 100% will be issued up to 30 days before the camp start date.  Cancellation refunds of 50% will be issued up to the Camp start date.  There will be no refunds after the camp start date.

Daily Timings

Morning Drop-off

Students should be dropped off at ABC Academy each day by no later than 8:45 a.m.  Departure time for the day is 8:50 a.m. and there will be no waiting, as many of our events are pre-scheduled.

Evening Pick-up

Our target arrival time back at ABC Academy will be 4:30 at the latest, and pick-ups must be completed by 4:45 at the latest.  If your child has permission to walk themselves home, you must inform the office, and they must come back to ABC before departing.  We require them to call you from ABC to let you know they are leaving us for the day.

Supervision & Behaviour

Student to supervisor ratio will not exceed 10 students to one supervisor.

In some venues students will be allowed to go in pairs without our supervisor.  Students must stay in these pairs for safety.  Students must also stay within the venue we are visiting at all times.

If any student behaves inappropriately for any reason, ABC reserves the right to remove them from the camp immediately, and the parent agrees to pick them up regardless of location when that decision has been made by the supervisor or the director.  Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to:


  • swearing
  • bullying
  • foul language
  • leaving the facility we are attending without supervision
  • disrespectful behaviour to an ABC supervisor, fellow camper, or any person we come into contact with as part of our camp experience
  • violence of any kind, towards a person, or object

Cell Phones

Students may bring cellular phones, but should not use them for any other reason than emergencies.  Part of the purpose of the camp is to build social relationships, which is hard to do while buried in a phone.


All students should have some means of telling the time, particularly for meeting up with the group when paired off.

Backpack, Food, and Water

Students should bring a backpack to carry their lunch in, and for the odd time that they may receive something they can bring home from our adventures in the city.

All students must bring a lunch of their own.  This camp is NUT FRIENDLY.  If your child has an allergy, please let us know on the registration form.  Children with allergies must provide their own Epi-Pens.

It is recommended that all students carry a 1L bottle of water.  Some of our activities will require hydration.

A lunch is not necessary on Pizza Party days.

Movie Snacks

Our trips to Cineplex Theatres will include a snack pack of popcorn, drink, and candy.  This does not include the Science Centre/IMAX trip.

ABC Info – Package

Each student will be given a sheet, or card of paper that will contain the contact cellular contact information of the Supervisors for their camp.  They should keep this in a pocket of their backpack, or their jacket in the event that they should become separated from the supervisors and need to reach them.  This is an important layer of extra security, so if it is lost, please ask for another first thing in the morning, before we leave for the day.

Media Release

Photos may be taken of camp participants during the period of the camp and its activities.  Parents agree that ABC Academy may use images and video for promotional purposes in print, internet, and audio/video media.

Camp Policies, School Policies

Parents acknowledge and accept policies and policy changes at any time by registering.  Updated registration policies will be made available on our website.  All regular ABC Academy Policies apply to camps, except where specified otherwise in these Camp Policies.