In-School Parents’ Welcome Emails

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Note: These emails are intended for families that come to our regular family classes, but you will find them helpful when it comes to engaging musically, and playfully with your children at home. The complete series of emails lasts about 2 months and is delivered every 5 days for you to have them in manageable sizes.


Is your child singing and moving at home?

Are they asking for the same music they get at school?

It’s time for you to join our family music classes! Call us now and let us know which school or daycare you are taking classes in, and we’ll give you a standing discount of 20% of our family classes while you are still with that school. We have classes up to Grade 2.

If your kid is too old for our classes, consider our lessons, we’ll give you 20% off those, too, until the end of the school year you register in!

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