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Music Together News

26 March 2017

Important Spring News

Hello Everybody! As we roll over into our new collection - Maracas - we have some updates, changes, and questions for you. What's Next? We recently had a question from a parent about what was [...]

Spring News

Hello Everybody! Here is some information about Spring to get on your radar. You're Registered - No Worries You don't need to do anything special about staying in your classes.  Your time is booked (unless you [...]

March 2017 Update

Hello Everybody! We have a lot of things coming up as we approach the spring, so be sure you read this note! March Date Notices: March Break & Make-ups & Easter Spring Recital Fall Re-Registration and [...]

14 February 2017

Long Weekend Information • Family Day

Hello Everybody! Please note the following schedule for the family day weekend. Saturday NO Music Together, Rock Band YES Lessons Sunday NO Music Together YES Lessons Monday NO Lessons, Music Together  *FULLY CLOSED* If you [...]

23 January 2017

Barn Away – Reduced Phone Attendance

Barnaby Away Hello Everybody! Please note that the desk will be minimally attended from 28 JAN to 5 FEB, and that Barnaby will be unavailable during this time. Kindly take extra care in calling early [...]

Teacher Update

Hello Everybody! This is a quick update to let you know that Lisa will be taking a little time off this collection, effective immediately, and that Barnaby and Jenny will be taking the Sunday [...]