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Music Together News

15 June 2018

Hurry for Summer Music Together & Rhythm Kids!

Hello Everybody! We are rapidly approaching summer!  Yay! We are having summer classes, and they are available to you flexibly, so you can go on vacation and have classes! Details are below, or you can refer [...]

30 April 2018

Fall & Summer Registration Open NOW!

Hello Everybody! Please read this very important note! We'll be calling to ask you about your fall and summer plans, and you can also give us a call in the office: 416-651-7529. Fall Registration Now [...]

5 March 2018

Holiday & Spring Class Information

Hello Everybody! We are fast approaching March Break, and Easter.  Both will affect our teaching schedule.  If you don't have the schedule at home on your fridge, download it now.  Someone always shows up on [...]

11 February 2018

Long Weekend Reminder

Hello Everybody! This is just a reminder that the Family day week is coming, and that some things are on, while others are not.  The details are: SATURDAY  -  YES Lessons, NO Rock Band, NO [...]

26 January 2018