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Music Together News

3 March 2019

Some Fun for You

Hello Everybody! This is a note just to share some fun things for Music Together and Rhythm Kids families. First, we want to share a video of Suzume Odori, a Rhythm Kids song this winter, [...]

Date Errors, Corrections, Additions

Hello Everybody! We have some date errors to fix, and classes to add. We made some mistakes in the planning on our end, and the winter weather caused some cancellations. Here are the modifications to [...]

21 February 2019

Director’s Note – Reviews & Photos

Hello Everybody! Over the next few weeks, you may see me in or at the end of your classes. We'll be taking two kinds of photos: general classroom action photos, and also asking you to [...]

Class Start Time Request

Hello Everybody, We hope you have been enjoying Drum and Tree Frog this winter, and we are super excited to see the new Tambourine and Toucan, which is just a few short weeks away! With [...]

February Long Weekend & March Break Reminders 2019

Hello Everybody! This is a reminder of what lessons and activities are happening this weekend. It is very simple: Lessons: YES Saturday & Sunday only Music Together: NO Rock Band: NO Please remember to come to your regular [...]

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Hello Everybody! You may have received an email yesterday in error from us. Please disregard it. Thank you! The ABC Team.