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    Classes for Kids 4 through 8 Years

    Sing, Dance, Drum, Play!

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    Keep Learning at Home with Video Instruction

    Rhythm Kids’ learning continues at home with interactive videos designed to be a fun, anytime activity for kids and parents alike. This cutting edge approach brings a fun, constructive activity to your family’s day and sets the stage for further musical learning.

    While your kids are having fun, they’ll be refining focus, dexterity, coordination, and rhythm – all things they’ll use every day for the rest of their lives.


    Do I Need a Djembe Drum at Home?

    While you don’t strictly need a Djembe at home, the more you engage in musical play of any kind, the better it is for development – not to mention family enjoyment and bonding!  Level II Kids are expected to have a Djembe at home.

    Another reason having a home drum is a great idea is because as long as you play it a few times a week, you are setting the stage for habit-building in other walks of life. Kids learn the benefits of practising which is valuable when it comes time for them to take private music lessons as well as other types of classes.

    ABC Academy is offering a home drum rental for $14.97 per month, per drum, so you can jam out, play along, or just get the day’s stress out as a family!  We’ll ask you about if you want drums for home when you register!


    per drum, per month

    Don’t limit your fun and music making to once a week in class – sign up for Home Drums so you can keep on jamming!

    Rhythm Kids

    Level I: 4 through 6 Year Olds

    with Parent/Caregiver
    Registration Open

    Rhythm Kids Level 1 guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative, as they:

    • Make up their own drumming patterns
    • Invent new ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, sticks, etc.)
    • Create movement ideas for songs
    • Perform a drum solo!
    • Explore the world of rhythm through movement, instrument play, and song
    • Develop basic rhythm skills, like keeping beat, improvising, ensemble play, and soloing
    • Learn to create, cooperate, and express themselves musically
    Rhythm Kids

    Level II: 6 through 8 Year Olds

    optional Parent/Caregiver attendance
    Registration Open

    Your children continue their musical journey to integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives as they:

    • Learn multicultural drumming patterns
    • Develop new repertoire on various percussion instruments
    • Explore movement and dance while singing songs
    • Play games based on music and drumming
    • Learn, create, discover and explore music, movement and drumming
    • Enjoy age-appropriate ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, tambourines, etc.)
    • Explore traditional drumming patterns through animal names and movements
    • Experience drumming, song, and dance from around the world (Mali, Puerto Rico, Turkey, etc.)
    • Find new ways to connect mind, body, and voice through rhythm
    • Develop skill in improvising, soloing, conducting, composition, and improvisation
    • Participate in active musical games that are both enriching and totally fun!
    • Have fun with a host of rhythm activities

    Please Note: Level II Rhythm Kids are expected to have their own Djembe at home to practice their Animal Patterns!

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