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Preschool Music Classes in Toronto

Our Preschoolers Music Program

Preschooler playing with bells in Music TogetherFor your Preschooler’s Music Classes, we took a lot of time to choose the program that was best from an educational standpoint: Music Together® Mixed-Age Classes. Our goal was to find something that incorporated the highest standards of education while being an enjoyable experience. Your Books and CDs are included with your tuition every semester, and the focus is on learning and making music as a family, and community, together.

With Music Together classes, research and experience intersect invisibly to give you and your preschooler an incredibly fun class once a week for 45 minutes with a group of other adults and children of mixed ages. Behind the scenes, there is great depth of ongoing research, music, training, and selections of music from different cultures, time periods, rhythmic and tonal families.

Preschooler Music Classes and Growth

Your preschooler is growing non-stop! By taking part with your child in our preschooler music classes with ABC Academy, you can help stimulate this growth using a proven program for developing key musical, physical, expressive skills, as well as learning key coordination, behaviours, and social structures that will set your child ahead from others as they approach entry into a formal education.

Free Demo Classes – Try One Now!

Our preschoolers music classes speak for themselves! We invite you to join one of our regular classes as an active participant to see how you and your preschooler can benefit from this incredibly enjoyable class. Call and Register for a Free Demo Class Now, or to Register for our next Semester!

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