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In-School Music Classes

What is Music Together?

Girls Playing Drums in Rhythm Kids ClassMusic Together In-School LogoFor over 30 years the Music Together® vision has been to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development starting from birth, and now reaching through age eight. Each week we drum, sing, dance, introduce and play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Play-based, in-school music classes are carefully planned to revolve around developmentally appropriate activities drawn from ongoing research in to music education, and early childhood education. Combined with extensive training, apprenticeship, and ongoing teacher learning, the focus is on delivering the best quality education program to you and your daycare, school, and child.

What Makes Music Together Programs the Right Choice?

Unlike many In-school music programs or independent music providers, Music Together provides:

  • Curricular programming based in ongoing, evolving, and up-to-date research into early childhood and music education
  • A consistent, trained specialist every week for In-school music classes
  • In-class support and materials for classroom teachers, including books, CDs, pre-literacy song cards, and personal classroom teacher coaching from your Music Together Specialist
  • Book and CD sets for each family enrolled, so they can play, learn, and support your class environment
  • A carefully curated musical ‘diet’ and experience designed to broaden their horizons culturally, historically, rhythmically, and tonally
  • A play- and fun-based, yet structured environment for In-school music classes in which to grow

ABC Academy chooses Music Together programs because they are the right choice educationally and developmentally. We take our partners’ time and money seriously, as well as our responsibilities as teachers, and making sure that they get the best experience and education are our top priorities.

What About Your Existing Music Program?

Music Together and ABC Academy do not intend to eliminate, or ask you to change any of your existing programming. Because Music Together is curricular in nature, it often complements and enhances your existing programs, which will benefit from the strategies that the classroom teachers will be able to take and use during the rest of the week when you are not running Music Together with your specialist. This is absolutely part of the intention, so that other areas of your school’s life can grow too.

What is Music Together Not?

We often hear from schools daycares that are looking for one-time, irregular, or short classes.

While we do offer a free demonstration class following our ‘How Music Together In-School Works’ presentation, the program focus is not suited to casual applications. We regret that we cannot offer these applications, but our focus is on delivering meaningful and ongoing value to our schools and care facilities.


There is no better way to understand our classes!

We’re confident that once you’ve joined us for a class and had an opportunity to sing, play, and be silly with us, that you will want more!

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Music Together Programs Available by Age

Music Together Logo for Babies classes

Babies Classes
Birth-12 Months

Music Together Logo for Mixed Age Classes

Mixed or Fixed-Age Classes
12 Months through 3 Years

Logo of Rhythm Kids Music Classes for Preschoolers through 8 years

Kids Classes in Two Levels
4-6 Years & 6 Years through Grade 2

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Why Music Together?
I’m a Principal/Director
I’m a Classroom Teacher/Assistant
I’m a Parent

Learn About Our Music, and Listen to Some of Our Songs

Over a three year period, children, families, teachers, and their schools are exposed to over 200 songs that are different:

  • Culturally
  • Historically
  • Rhythmically (beat)
  • Tonally (scale and tuning)

This purposefully curated and selected music is divided into 9 non-consecutive collections of music, changing seasonally, and making it easy to start classes at your school or daycare centre soon, rather than waiting for the full school year cycle to come around.

These selections are ‘musical vitamins’ for your children – giving them the best balance and diversity of the above different aspects of music, combined with a a proprietary, researched-based lesson and activity plan that stimulates development in these different areas:

  • Musical
  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Music Learning Supports All Learning!

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How Much Do Music Together Programs Cost?

Each school we work with is different.  We work with each school to best meet their needs, to provide a custom quote, and – in some cases – help them to source funding.  Depending on the number of classes and the length of the service contract you are interested in, ABC Academy will deliver you the best possible value.

In addition to these considerations, there are four basic models to use as starting points to fund your Music Together classes.  These may be combined, if applicable.


Your School develops funding internally.

Social Programs

For certain scale applications that are primarily Outreach, and are interested in classes across a variety of locations, ABC Academy can collaborate with you to secure funding from private and public sources.


For some communities that serve, or partially serve communities deemed ‘at-risk’, Music Together provides a moderate reduction in fees. You will receive a simple form to fill out, which ABC will submit to Music Together on your behalf.  Classes that exceed 60% outreach, fully qualify for and receive outreach pricing.

Use of Space

In this collaborative model your school allows ABC to have space to operate classes or lessons at times when you are not using, or have room in your facility.  We also can include family-specific classes for your families at a greatly discounted rate as part of this arrangement.  In exchange, your school receives a reduction in your class costs.


ABC provides a discount structure for volume applications for care facilities with multiple locations with multiple classes at each.

While these are quite standard models for funding classes, all of our quotes are custom built to your school or care facility.


Available following your school owner/director’s ‘About Music Together’ presentation.

Music Together programs are comprehensive, and we want to be sure you have the opportunity to have a good understanding of the program.  Then, you can let us know how many classes you are interested in having a quote for, and we’ll get it to you as quickly as possible.

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Why Music Together?
I’m a Principal/Director
I’m a Classroom Teacher/Assistant
I’m a Parent

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