Music, Movement, & Instrumental Classes for Children from Birth through 8 years with Caregivers
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    About Music Together Music Classes in the GTA

    Music Together® music classes are available for babies, toddlers, and kids throughout the GTA in Brampton, Caledon, and Woodbridge Vaughan with ABC Academy of Music.MT Slider 5

    ABC Academy is delighted to add the GTA to its Music Together class offerings. ABC assumed operations of Maple Leaf Music Together in August 2019 after a wonderful 7-year presence in the region.

    This world-famous program for mixed-age music classes of children and toddlers ranging from 8 months through 5 years of age. For over 25 years, Music Together® has been bringing children and parents together through music worldwide using ongoing, research-based curriculum and classroom development. Songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play are all incorporated, giving kids the opportunity to experience a wide range of musical experiences, while building social and activity skills with other children. This nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence and supports social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Because these benefits build over time, children enjoy the fullest growth in each of these areas when they participate in Music Together classes as consistently as possible up through kindergarten. The philosophy of Music Together is that all children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and take an active part in the music that surrounds them, provided that their environment supports this learning experience. Included as part of your tuition is a fresh set of CDs for each session, allowing you to continue Music Together at home every day.

    Included with your tuition each semester for you and your child:

    • Your Family Music Book for the Season
    • Your Digital Download Code (can be used with the ‘Hello Everybody‘ app (iOS & Android), or downloaded at the online Family Music Zone at
    • A Free Bonus Spanish Translation book, with Digital Download Code for a fully Bilingual Spanish-English version of the Music
    • A Student Growth Chart to help you track and guide your development
    • ABC’s Quick-Start Welcome email series, to help you understand how important you are to development, and how to get the maximum enjoyment out of your classes most quickly.

    Involving Parents and Caregivers as active role models in this musical learning is central to child development, and to providing ongoing support through an evolving and research-based curriculum. Seeing you engage in music sets the best possible example, and can set a child on the lifelong love of music, which is our central mission at ABC Academy. Any Parent, Grandparent, nanny, or trusted friend can bring the children. Music Together teachers are specially trained, and registered to guarantee the highest standard for bringing a fun and beautiful musical experience to your child.

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    A Note from the Director

    When we decided to add music classes for children under 5 to our offerings it was with great care that we checked the market of available programs. We are serious about giving even the youngest of children (we currently start at 8 months old), an experience that not only builds basic musical competence, but helps to build bonds and love in a family setting.

    As a matter of due diligence, I joined the training with our teacher, so I would know what the classroom was supposed to be like. It was a magical experience for me, and by the end of the training I had decided to teach some classes – this was not the original plan. Still, my passion for music is such that the quality of this program really fired my imagination.

    Mother and Toddler playing an InstrumentMusic Together is not just a thing that kids do on a weekly basis, it becomes a family – and community – event, where deep, ongoing research in early childhood and music education intersect in an invisible way to help build bonds through Music, Instruments, and Physical Expression.

    Parents and children will love to know that their teachers are working hard to bring them just the right balance of music every week, carefully planning a diversity of content that spans different music rhythmically, culturally, historically, with a careful structure that balances singing, dancing, movement, instrumental play, and props. Ultimately, Music Together lives up to its name exactly – and makes the time we spend together wonderful! I look forward to welcoming you to our classes anytime!

    Songs, Books, CDs, and Curriculum

    Bongos Music Together Book Cover Music Together Kazoo Book Cover

    The Music Together® curriculum includes a mix of original songs and traditional tunes from the folk, jazz, and world music traditions in a variety of tonalities and meters. By presenting a range of musical styles from lyrical to blues, from folk to boogie, Music Together provides children with a rich music experience that stimulates and supports their growing music skills and understanding.

    Music Together’s nine song collections—each identified by its own color, instrument name, and graphic—are presented in a three-year cycle of three semesters per year. They are non-sequential, so families may join at any semester and attend class any time, enjoying three full years before cycling back to re-experience the collections from their growing children’s ever-changing perspectives. Because music learning is cumulative, with children reaping developmental benefits that build over time, we encourage their participation for as many years as possible from infancy through kindergarten.

    The song collections, are each characterized by its own graphic, color, and instrument. These collections each include a recording and songbook and are designed to be used one collection per semester. The collections are not sequential. A family can begin Music Together classes at any time with any collection.

    The music is pitched in just the right range for children’s voices and includes songs, rhythmic chants, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrumental play-alongs, all in a rich variety of tonalities and meters. Original songs and arrangements by the program coauthors make these collections especially unique. Outstanding instrumentalists play a variety of instruments, such as guitar, bass, flutes, keyboards, and percussion. And all of the songs are suitable for mixed-age groups, perfect for childcare centers or families with children of different ages.

    Music Together’s song collections are research-based and artistically conceived and produced. They are also classroom- and family-tested. Since 1987, the feedback of hundreds of teachers and thousands of families has been incorporated into these constantly evolving materials.

    Listen to Our Songs!

    Biddy Biddy

    This Train


    Ridin’ In The Car

    Palo Palo



    Hello Song

    With approximately 25 songs per collection, your child will be exposed to well over 200 songs as you cycle through the 9 different collections!

    Infants that start at 8 months, or sooner, rediscover the songs at the start of collection they began with, with a fresh set of ears, and experiences awaiting them!

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