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6 September 2019


Happy New Year! We have a lot to tell you about and fill you in on, but the biggest is that our little local operation has made an acquisition that makes us significantly bigger, and [...]

5 July 2019

We have a job opening

Hello Everybody, We are hiring for a Registrar/Operations Assistant at ABC. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let us know, and pass along the PDF job description linked here. Registrar & Operations [...]

20 June 2019

IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Make-up

Hello! Did you confirm your make-up yet? They start Tuesday! The schedule and current confirmation status is below. REMEMBER: You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529.  Please do so right away.If you do not confirm [...]

Piano For Sale – 3rd Party

A music school in Haileybury, Ontario is closing up their business and selling a small grand Piano. The owners are well known to ABC and we are sharing their listing with you, should you be [...]

June Make-Ups

Hello Everybody, Please see the attached preliminary schedule for make-ups below. IMPORTANT You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529. Please do so right away.If you do not confirm you will lose your make-up(s).Make-ups do [...]

10 May 2019

VIP Re-Registration – LAST CHANCE!

If you want to keep the same day and time for your lessons next year, please call us right away, because after the 12th, anyone can take your spot. Call 416-651-7529 now!

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28 March 2016

Director’s Digest

Hello Everybody! Enjoy these new tidbits of trivia of musical and non-musical things in the world lately. Robots Modeled After Ants Pull Car Archimedes pointed out that with a lever he could move the world. He most likely would have been surprised to learn that a team of six microrobots, weighing just 3.5 ounces in total, could pull a car [...]

Director’s Digest

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great March Break. Enjoy some more tidbits! Michelle Obama Campaigns for Girls' Education Through Music Michelle Obama's open letter to change attitudes towards girls Michelle Obama is calling on people to do more to change attitudes around girls and education in an open letter ahead of speech at SXSW.   Listen [...]

March Break Tidbits

Hello Everyone, Here are some items that you may find interesting to read over the March Break! El Sistema - Going Strong Worldwide Sistema youth orchestra gets £2.5m funding A youth orchestra programme in three of Scotland's disadvantaged communities is to get £2.5m in Scottish government funding over the next four years. More Research Showing Support for Peanut Allergy Avoidance [...]

27 February 2016

Director’s Digest

Sprout Scout Being a new parent (or any kind of parent) can be a challenge, so here's a neat new-ish website that you might want to follow, which lists all the latest kids' products on the market, which are bumped to the top of a list based on community popularity.  This is neat, because it gives you a real sense [...]

23 January 2016

Maori Haka – Wedding Warrior Music

Maori Haka - Warrior Music at a Wedding It's easy to forget - in our very popularity based culture - that music comes from within, from all of us. In this very interesting clip, a traditional warrior chant and dance used to intimidate enemies, is presented at a wedding as a sign of respect. The Traditional Haka Below is [...]

11 Year Old Piano Player Will Blow Your Socks Off

Music for Life As a Music School, we aren't looking to create prodigies or to get kids into a career in music.  We are certainly open to these things, but our goals are more life-skills oriented. What is real about Music Education? There is a lot of cultural acceptance of Music Education and lessons as a strong foundation for children [...]

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