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17 March 2020

Update #1 – How We’re Dealing with COVID

Hello Everybody, As promised, here is an update on our lesson strategy. Please read this entire post. You will soon start to receive information about how to have your lessons using the videoconferencing software Zoom. [...]

Please confirm your Make-up

Hello! If you haven't yet confirmed your make-up lesson for next week, please do so now. Refer to the original booking schedule. This has not been altered to account for calls/cancellations, so if you have [...]

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30 March 2020

Music Together COVID Update #3: SPRING 2020

Hello Everybody! This note explains how Music Together will be working this spring. It is important you review it, as it explains your access, and your billing for this period. Most importantly, we want to make sure that we deliver you the same peerless experience in a way that continues to enhance your family life week to week, in a [...]

Music Together: COVID Update #2

Hello Families! Please join us Monday, March 30th at 9:00 p.m. for an important live and private chat online about our Spring 2020 plans. You should do your best to attend, so you are informed of how we are administering billing and classes this spring. You will need to download Zoom (for meetings), which is meeting/teleconferencing software. Once you have [...]

Free Mini Classes (Sticks Collection)

Hello Everybody! As you will have noticed over the last week, there's been an uptick in our emails to you as a result of the current health situation. You can expect this to continue for our part for a little while as we work hard to deliver you resources and experiences that continue your Music Together enjoyment during this very [...]

Music Together Update: How We’re Dealing with COVID

Hello Everybody! Thank you for your patience as we've hustled to sort out how to best serve your needs these last few days. We've developed a strategy for Spring classes that we feel confident should cover a range of outcomes. Firstly, all class start dates are going to be delayed by 2 weeks, with the earliest start date of April [...]

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