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5 September 2021

25 August 2021

28 June 2021

Important Summer Lesson Reminders

Hello Everybody! We are days away from our Summer lesson schedule beginning! Your lessons begin on or after Tuesday, July 6th. Be sure you know what digital (Zoom) studio you are in!  The summer studio schedule [...]

June 2021 Make-Up Schedule

Hello Everybody! Here are the scheduled make-ups for our June, which runs the 24th to the 30th, inclusive. Remember, there are no regularly scheduled lessons during this time, with Summer schedules beginning July 6th. As [...]

21 September 2021

Learning an Instrument as an Adult

“I’m too old” ”I don’t have enough time” ”It’s too difficult” ”I can’t afford it” “I don’t have any musical talent” These are probably the five most common reasons we hear from people who tell us they’re unable to learn a new instrument as an adult.  However, anyone, regardless of age or skill level can learn to play an instrument [...]

Three Things We Learned About Impactful Online Learning During Covid-19

As the demand for quality online music education is growing, we have been rising to meet it. We offer high-quality courses and world-class instructors that are technologically forward and seek to deliver the best experience. Here are the three biggest take-aways and learnings from the Pandemic for us: Online Private Music Lessons Are About 90% as Good as In-Person Learning [...]

How Group Music-making Boosts Social Skills

There’s a lot of research being done on the use of music for therapeutic purposes. Scientists have found that making music in a group environment can help people of all ages improve their social skills. Group music-making has been shown to increase the release of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin –chemicals that are often associated with happiness and feelings of well-being. [...]

IMPORTANT: COVID Quarterly Update & Back-to-School

HELLO EVERYBODY! We hope the end of the summer finds you well and in good spirits.  It was truly the summer we needed after some of the longest lockdowns in the world. This is an important email, please read it in detail. Summary You need to be aware of our Covid-19 Restart Plan regardless of which program you take.  This is [...]

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