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1 April 2021

Easter Schedule for Lessons *YES* Sat-Mon.

Hello Everybody, Please remember that only Good Friday is taken as a holiday at ABC, and that regular lesson schedules apply the rest of the weekend on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday unless otherwise arranged through [...]

30 March 2021

Spring Make-Ups 15-21 March

Hello Everybody! Here are the scheduled make-ups for our March Break, which runs the 15th to the 21st, inclusive. Remember, there are no regularly scheduled lessons during this time, with regular schedules resuming on 22 [...]

12 March 2021

Music Together Spring & Fall 2021 Update

Hello Everybody! Here is our quarterly COVID update for Spring 2021, with some information that will help you plan into the Fall season. In this update: Winter Ends 15 MAR Spring & Summer Important Re-Start Plan Updates Summer & Fall Lesson Registration starts soon - plan now. Winter Now Ended (bonus 14 & 21 March) Our regular classes are now [...]

UofT Study, Make-Ups, Coming Soon

Hello Everybody! As we circle around to a full year of COVID, it is almost time for our Spring update on plans for the future. You will shortly receive an email about our 'March Break' make-ups (on the original March Break Schedule). Here is a link to the annual schedule, in case you missed it: 20-21 OAKWOOD Important DatesDownload As [...]

25 January 2021

International Class Update

Hello Everybody! We hope you have been enjoying our winter Bells and Elephant classes! This is just a brief update to let you know that access to the Sunday class with Lenka "in Boston" has had a meeting ID change, so please refer to the class page for the season to get the updated access. Remember, you can attend this [...]

27 December 2020

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