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13 May 2024

FarPlay – Please Update

Hello Everybody! FarPlay has received an incremental 'under the hood' update, so please update now for the best performance.  Thank you!

17 April 2024

RECITAL! Our First Post-Pandemic!

We are delighted to announce we are having our first recital since the pandemic.   It will be Sunday, May 5th from 12:30 onwards at the South-West Corner of Oakwood and Conway, in the parking [...]

6 March 2024

20 December 2023

Great News: Digital Studios Now Linked!

Hello Everybody! FarPlay has just been updated with some highly useful features for us. First, we now have waiting rooms.  This means that when you arrive a few minutes early to be ready for your lesson you will [...]

14 June 2024

Music classes reduce negative emotions and stimulate brain activity

Music activities and music programs are great to reduce negative emotions and stimulate brain activity! Music has been an integral part of human culture for centuries, bringing people together and serving as a means of self-expression and cultural identity. Beyond its aesthetic and entertainment value, music also has a profound impact on your emotions and cognitive abilities. In recent years, [...]

31 May 2024

Music boosts memory, attention, and social skills in preschooler

Isn't it amazing? Music boosts memory, attention, and social skills in preschooler! In today's fast-paced world, parents and educators are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the cognitive, emotional, and social development of preschoolers. One powerful tool that has gained recognition for its remarkable impact is music.  Music-related activities and programs for kids and toddlers, have emerged as an effective [...]

Playing a musical instrument has a positive effect on teenagers

Let's discover together the positive effect of music on teenagers, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Whether you are a teenager or your kids are in their teens, this information is right for you!  Teenagers often experience a whirlwind of emotions and face various challenges as they navigate the transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. During this time, it's crucial to find healthy [...]

7 Reasons why music lessons really pay back!

Are you wondering about affordable Music lessons in Toronto, GTA and if they really pay back? Well, Music goes beyond a monetary investment!  Never the less, whether music lessons in Toronto are worth it and if they pay back in terms of benefits, largely depends on your personal goals and interests. Let's explore together about the reasons why music lessons [...]

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