Tuition & Payment

Please read the following information carefully, as some programs differ slightly.

All payments are done using a VOID CHEQUE, or CREDIT CARD.  Cash is NOT accepted at ABC Academy.  All billing is done on a MONTHLY basis, unless otherwise indicated.  All rates subject to change at any time.

How does Monthly Billing Work?

All lessons of the same length cost the same amount, based on the base rate (differs from program to program).  All music lessons, regardless of the monthly billing amount equal the per-lesson rate when the student stays the whole year.  We add all the lessons together for the whole school year, and then divide them by the total months of the academic year to get a fixed billing amount each month.  There are no registration fees.

Why do we bill this way?

We do this to keep things simple for you.  Depending on your lesson day and the month we’re in, your rates could change between 3 to 5 lessons a month – up to a difference of $150! This way, you can count on the same amount of billing, no matter what the time of year.