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Grade 3

Grade 3

Latest Homework

5 August 2016

Thank you Cornerstone!

Dear Parents,

This June we completed our contract at Cornerstone.  It was a pleasure to join your community, to get to know your children, and to bring music to you all.  We hope you continue to keep music close to your hearts in the future!

We will continue to offer you 20% off your first school year’s worth of lessons for this coming academic year (2016-17).  Our registration is now open, and we welcome you to join us at any time.

Yours with thanks,

Barnaby Kerekes & Leslie Townsend

10 June 2016

Violin Rental Returns Due 30 June

Hello Cornerstone Families,

Please note that all Violin rentals are due back at Reményi by June 30th.

As per Reményi’s note:

…there is no insurance and every instrument and bow will be inspected by the staff upon return. If there is any damage, then we will have to charge to cover the cost of repair.

We are investigating ways with Cornerstone to simplify and possibly centralize the rental procedure for the coming school year, and while we can make no promises about it, we hope to make this considerably easier.

Thank you!

B. Kerekes

Annual Requirements

TEST:  Autumn – Past


EXAM:  Winter – Feb. 2 & 4, 2016

TEST:  Winter 2016 – 7 Week Plan

EXAM: Spring 2016 – To be announced

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