In this update:

  • Latest Schedule and Don’t forget!
  • How make-ups work

Please click to view the latest make-up schedule.  For ease of viewing, this has been sorted by student name instead of by teacher.  Please take care to note the day(s) and time(s) that you will have make ups.  This may have changed since the last email – also, don’t forget that you must confirm you make-up(s) by phone or the teacher will not be there.  Make-ups do not carry forward past the end of the school year.

If you have confirmed, you now show confirmed on the right-hand side. Make-ups are counted calculated using a simple formula.  Firstly, we only count absences for which we have received a phone call.  If there was no call, and a student did not show up, then that lesson is ineligible for any make-up, unless extenuating circumstances are involved (family tragedy, personal injury, etc.).

The formula looks like this:

# of lessons missed by student (2 guaranteed ‘anytime’ make-ups per academic year)
+ # of lessons missed by teacher (always guaranteed a make-up)
– ineligible absences
– previously made up lessons
= Total lessons owed

This makes it very easy to determine lessons owed.  Ineligible lessons are generally lessons that we received calls about less than 24 hours before the start of lesson time.

There will be another update shortly.