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Toronto Concert Band & ABC Academy

ABC Academy of Music is delighted to work with the Toronto Concert Band to enhance the community of Toronto’s non-professional musicians and music lovers. Our mission is To Save Music, which means we need to contribute as substantially as possible to the fabric of our cultural life, and yours!

So,  ABC offers an ongoing preferential lesson rate for members of the TCB, and their families, as well as ongoing referral credits when members tell their friends about ABC.  Don’t worry – your friends get a credit too!

The details are on this page. If any of these are in any way confusing, just call our office.  We want to make your experience an easy one. If you keep scrolling, you’ll get to meet our teachers, for every instrument in the Band!

If your friends and family are interested in non-band instruments, we have those, too!

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TCB Partnership Offers

#1: You Want to Play Better and Have More Fun!

20% OFF first year of lessons, 10% off thereafter (as long as you are in TCB).
Being in TCB isn’t lacking for challenges, but sometimes life makes it hard to practice!  Even if you aren’t able to practice as regularly as you like, private Music Lessons are going to give you the strategies move ahead with your playing, so you can play harder music with less effort over time, and be more satisfied with your results.

#2: You Want Your Kids to Enjoy a Life of Music & its Benefits

20% OFF first year lessons, 10% off thereafter (for themselves).
If they did to Math, English, or Geography what they do to Music, parents would scream bloody murder!

When your kids grow up you want them to be amazing and successful professionals in the fields they choose, so they’re going to need to be able to communicate, listen, collaborate, present, prepare, and learn that there is satisfaction in the effort.  Guess what single activity they can choose to develop all of those skills?  Music.

#3: You Think Everyone deserves a Life of Music and TCB

20% OFF first year lessons for your friends (to the end of school year).
We all know that person, the one who always expresses envy at your TCB and general musical activity, so here’s the moment to tell them to get off their toosh!

We’ll offer your friends a 20% off so they can get caught up, and maybe even join TCB!  You know how much fun music can be, so why not share with your friends?  When they register, we’ll also give you an additional 20% off to the end of the school year.  You can also do this repeatedly until your lessons are free.

Meet Our Amazing Teachers!

Just click the instrument or class you are interested in, and choose a teacher!


Chris Hull

BMus (Wilfrid Laurier University) MMus (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Darmasiswa Certificate (Arts Institute of Indonesia Denpasar) MA Ethnomusicology (University of Toronto) PhD Ethnomusicology (University of Toronto) in-progress […]