20230523 Tuesday at ABC
-Warmups (slow, med, fast):
8 on a hand
Basic Beat Level 2
**Good, now do Level 3 (bass drum on all beats, the rest is the same)
Fruit Salad Game
*move each fruit to a different drum
Worksheet – Alfred Lesson 1
*Lesson 2 Exercisees this week: start with this next week
-Warmup: Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
-aim for smooth, even, consistent strokes
-pretend that you’re listening with your eyes closed: you shouldn’t be able to tell the different strokes
*Sixteenth note exercise (80bpm)
Realistic Rock worksheet – good work! For the 12 Bar Ex:
*create four drum fills (1 bar each) insterted at the end of each line
-8 on a hand (1min)
-Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles (1 min)
*make sure it’s one measure of each, count to four
Lesson 7
**rock beat exercises #5-8
-Drum fill (“4 and a”)
**Sad But True
-S,d, and P at 100 (using “What is Hip?” as a tempo)
-Flam, flam accent, flam tap, flamacue (30 sec each)
-Paradiddle ex. (1min)
-Ride pattern exercise
-Bossa Nova
*Realistic Rock p. 14-15
*Bill Withers: Use me
*Main groove
Work on your hihat splashes!
-double stops
-Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles at 80bpm (1min)
-Swing beat
-Single beats on snare (4, 3, 2, etc.)
*Chris, bring Syncopation book for Thea next time
Back in Black
*Up to end of Guitar Solo
-singles, doubles, and paradiddles
-Paradiddles with accents
-Watermelon Man
Get reacquainted with the main grooves and fills
-I think we figured out the roadmap for this one, so now that should be good
*Next week we’ll get into the next section after #3