Owl in the Night – C minor position. F# is often used as well. Refer to this video to confirm you’re on the right path. You still need to use the book to learn.

C Major triad pattern – ascending and descending with proper fingering. Always fingers 1 and 5 for outside notes.

Happy Birthday lead sheet – see video. Last time you played this, you got all the F and C chords perfect. Let’s add in the Bb chord now.

*New* G major scale – this uses the same standard fingering as C major does. The notes are G A B C D E F# G.


Tattoo – Both pages. You can start thinking about adding dynamics to suit your version of this!

Viva La Vida – 4 bar groove HT. Great job counting carefully! On page 2, learn the RH chorus playing just the top notes.

Warmup before Coldplay with your Ab Major scale. It has 4 black keys, Bb Eb Ab and Db. Fingering is RH: 231 2312 3. LH is 321 4321 2. Thumbs always on white keys.


Mozart’s Five Names – This piece the LH moves positions in the 3rd line. Be sure to count 3 beats for the opening dotted half note. Notice how the second line uses the same melody as the first line, but everything is just one note higher.

C Major contrary motion scale hands together as a warmup. Parents, watch the video, and then ask Noreet to show you. The goal is a steady even tempo, and both notes being put down at the same without “splitting” (uneven sound).

C Major triads and inversions hands seperate as a warmup. Parents, watch the video, and then ask Noreet to show you. You will notice that they are called inversions because the bottom note becomes the top note of the next chord. CEG then EGC then GCE then back to CEG.


3rd line 1st measure of the Andante movement in Sonatina Bureaucratique. LH take both inner voices, RH take top line.

Here is a simple video explaining 9/8 feel.