First Bump!

Well, we have had a pretty good run over the summer, learning our new software, transferring lesson bookings, times, and student accounts.  There have been relatively few problems that were unpredictable or strange, but we have now had our first one, which I thought merited a quick note in advance of some phone calls that a handful of students and parents will be receiving.

Billing Errors

For about 20 (credit card based processing) accounts there appears to be some error in our account information which will require a phone call to you to straighten out.  The most likely explanation is that there was an error made in the transferring of accounts with your payment processing information.  We will know in a few days if the accounts that use cheques for processing were similarly affected – it is likely there will be some that are.

Continued Thanks

We feel that we have been pretty fortunate thus far, and that problems have been minimal.  We are grateful to you for your support and continued understanding for any further issues that may pop up.

Lesson Reminders

You may also have noticed that we are able to automatically generate lesson reminders (and do!).  If you like, our new system has the option of also generating an additional reminder by text message to your cellular phone.  If you are interested in this, you may just call the desk, or mention it when you are in, and we can set it up.