Hi Team,

We had an interesting situation this past weekend with a couple of teachers.

What happened was this: appointments were missing that should’ve been there.

We’ll Call

The procedure for canceling lessons hasn’t changed with the introduction of our ABC Online system. We will still call, email, and leave a note for you when a student cancels a lesson.

You should always expect this.

No Call, Email, or Note?

If, for any reason, you do not receive a call, email, or note, then you should assume that there is some kind of error or omission with the system.  When this happens, you should call the office right away. Do not assume at any point that that person is simply not coming if your schedule is changed.

This is particularly important during this transitional phase as we introduce the ABC Online system.  There is an enormous amount of small detail and nuance that we are learning from the administrative side which means that small details like this can easily slip through the cracks.

It is our job at the desk to make sure you are informed of changes in person.

If you have any questions about this, please call and ask me straight away.