Music Together and Rhythm Kids classes have started!

We had a some bumps this weekend, but were otherwise off to a solid start to our season. We are delighted to have you in our classes and were very impressed with how much you all engaged – for a first week, that was super satisfying to us!

A couple of important pieces of information and requests follow.

Please Refer New Families – Get 20% Off

We still have room in many of our classes and would be most grateful for your help. Remember, if you refer a new family, you both get 20% off your classes (for the first child) until the end of the school year!

Scent Free

Please remember that all of our locations are scent-free. Apart from basic cleanliness and hygiene, we ask that you please do not use any perfumes or colognes. Some people are very sensitive. Do bear in mind that sharing an enclosed space for 45 minutes can be challenging with scent, even for those not allergic or who have a sensitivity. Natural, non-chemical, products are less likely to cause irritation.

Thank you for your understanding and support of your fellow families.

Download the App, Enter The Code*, Start Listening and Playing!

If you haven’t already downloaded the app, please do! It is available to you and, so important. If you aren’t engaging a little bit during the week at home, then you are missing out on encouraging your children’s engagement, and accelerating their development.

*Take your English-Spanish bilingual book and open to the inside of the cover to find the digital download code. We encourage you to use this as your primary listening, as it provides a free, additional layer of learning for your child. Enter the code into your app by tapping on the ••• at the top right hand side of the screen and selecting ‘Access Code’. Remember, you can also use this code to download the music to your devices directly from the Family Music Zone at

Try to listen to the music actively or passively a few times a week. If you want to structure time, you can, but it isn’t necessary.

TIP: Your family music book is awesome – take a little time at the beginning of each collection to flip through, and ask yourself how you might use this in your regular story-time, or book introduction routine with your children. There are many subtle pre-literacy tools in our books!

Don’t Forget Your Books at Your First Class!

It is very important to remember to take your books at your first class, or you won’t have music to listen to or play with.

Rhythm Kids

If you are in the Saturday North Bramalea class, remember that this is a Level II class – we are actively teaching patterns and hand coordination now. You’ll need to structure time during the week to watch the mini lesson videos with Tom, so your child can keep up and feel good about what they are doing in class. This aspect of the program is a bridge towards formal music lessons, and is very helpful in developing focus, and the concepts of development, and completion for your child.

If you are in any of our other Rhythm Kids classes, you are in a Level I class, and while you are not expected to have a drum at home at this stage, we definitely encourage you to put the Level I videos on (through your Hello Everybody app), which are age-appropriate to your child and will be very helpful in building all of the above skills, plus self-control, coordination, and condfidence.


Thank you, and sing with you soon!