Hi Team,

I’ve just been reviewing the post/alerts and the teachers’ only calendar on the teachers’ only page, and I see that not only was the initiation of the review process not on the calendar, but the alert that you should have received about it in early December was not delivered.  I can’t ask you to do something on a schedule you knew nothing about!  I apologize for that, as well as any confusion you may have had.

I will have Lydia – our new receptionista – put physical copies in your boxes for your completion.  Remember, you are the reviewer for yourself, not me.

The deadline for these will be 20 January, which gives everyone a chance to get and complete the form.  You can download last year’s form to use as a worksheet, and there may be some  differences on this year’s version.  Please give them to me, or leave them on the front desk, on the keyboard.