CORRECTED VERSION (There was a mistake in Ewan’s instructions in the last post.)


Practice Time: 30 min/day

Here are some exercises I would like you to practice so that you can play the main beat to Best Song Ever. You’ll see that I wrote the counting pattern for 16th notes above the beats; make sure you count them as you play. Once the main beat is sounding strong, we will move on to other parts of the song. Work through each exercise, one by one.


Practice Time: 20 min/day

Keep practicing the Basic Beats worksheet. Go through the page, playing each pattern separately. Play the pattern over and over again until you no longer need to look at the page.

Go through the page again, playing each LINE (2 patterns in total) separately. Again – play each line over and over again until you no longer need to look at the page.


Practice Time: 20 min/day

Here are some patterns to practice that will get you ready to play Believer. Please repeat each pattern without stopping until you can play it without looking at the page. You may notice that there are a bunch of numbers and letters everywhere. Here is what they mean:

  • The big “3” under the word “trip” means that the rhythm written underneath is a triplet. A triplet is a group of 3 notes.
  • The blue writing (1 trip let, 2 trip let, 3 trip let, 4 trip let) is what I want you to say as you’re playing. For example, as you say “1,” you are going to play the notes underneath the blue “1”; as you say “trip,” you are going to play the note underneath the blue “trip,” etc.
  • The letters (L and R) underneath the notes tell you which hand to play with. For example, under the first note, there is n “L”. This means that you must play the first note with your left hand.


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