Hi everyone, nice work this week! I’m seeing some great improvements from you all.

Sebastian- This week, try to come up with three new beats in 3 time like we worked on in the lesson. Also, check out the app Acapella. I think it will allow you to make videos on one device. Also, here is the video of kitchen found sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOCaNBGMMgE

Ella- You sounded really great today, thanks for all the practice!! This week, I would like for you to learn up to number 12 on the Disco sheet. Work on transitioning between beats with a fill.

Jonah- Awesome job on your rubber band box, keep coming up with new sounds! In addition, please print out this packet so we can begin to work from it next time. Also, here is a the video we watched in the lesson, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOCaNBGMMgE

Noah- For next week, please learn up to number 12 on the Disco sheet. Also, please try to finish Lesson 7 for next time. Great work on your elastic guitar, keep coming up with new sounds to show me!!

Sylvie- For next time, try to finish Lesson 7. I would love to keep jamming so we can both try to bring new instruments next time!

Koel- This week, try to finish Lesson 7. If you have trouble, just remember to tackle it comfortably slow, and in smaller chunks. If you fins anymore sounds at home please show me!

Samson- This week, see if you can find a way to play all of your found instruments at the same time, kind of like a drum set. In addition, learn 21-25 from Lesson 5 and 1-12 from Lesson 6.

Thanks a lot everyone! I’ll see you all next week.