Hi everyone, great to see you all again this week! Here is what I would like for you to work on for our next lesson.

Sebastian- Please print out this packet so we can start to work out of it in our next lesson. Here is the link – (https://drive.google.com/open?id=12q21Pa0ouqLu4ufYaFwdcrPqMH-Sdn3A). In addition, try coming up with three new beats this week. Try to use multiple voices at times (more than one note hitting at a time).

Ella- This week, take a look at the disco beat with the first hi hat variation (as written). Learn the bottom two lines at any comfortable tempo, and work the top four lines up to 120 bpm.

Noah- This week, take a look at the bottom half of Lesson 6 and focus on keeping steady time. To do this, set the metronome to a comfortable tempo and lock in the hi hat with it. From there, try to add in the other voices of the beat without wavering away from the metronome.

Sylvie- This week, take a look at the Disco Beats sheet. If we haven’t worked out of that yet, here is a link so you can print it (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1czVrznrTxhtv3Bs1QU18jo65tvj01P0n). Please try and learn measures 1 – 9 and we will start to talk about how to move forward with it in the next lesson.

Koel- This week, please take a look at Lesson 7 21-25. We’re getting really close to finishing the packet and moving onto some more material!

Samson- This week, take a look at Lesson 6 1-20. In addition, please try to change your sound settings on zoom. In advanced settings, disable noise suppression, to allow the drums to come through more easliy.

Thanks a lot for your work this week, I’ll see you all soon!



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