Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season!


What we worked on:  reviewed “Guy That I’d Kinda Be In To” and really dug into “Dead Mom”

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 a day.

What to practice: Vowel elongation in “Guy” and belting technique Review for “Dead Mom“

How to practice most effectively: Just remember that the tripthong in “guy” is hard to sing, so practice changing the vowel to an “a”. When practicing your belting, remember the steps: 1. bend your knees, 2. Breathe in through your nose, fill your diaphragm and your back, 3. Open your arms or “brace” your muscles through your upper body, 4. Think up and over your head, and 5. Squat.


What we worked on: We reviewed our notes and our clefs today, and began learning how to play a simple song.

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 minutes a day.

What to practice: Please review pages 22-23 in her workbook, as well as practice the attached song.

How to practice most effectively: We haven’t begun learning the note names yet, but we have been learning all about the black and white keys, our finger numbers and the types of notes. This song has many quarter notes (held for one beat; the coloured in note), and half notes (held for two beats; the open note). It would be best to review where our hands go (there is a diagram on the attached page, but the more she practices the more she should be able to remember), which finger plays which note, and how long each note is played for. So when playing, have her say which finger plays which note, then have her play it again and count out loud how long each note is held for. Would also be GREAT if she could bring her notebook next week.