Important Schedule Notes

Please read these important notes for those of you that are registered in Music Together!  There is a lot included here, probably our biggest post ever!

Remaining Dates – Winter

The Winter collection is drawing to a close, and we already have our next collection ready to go: It’s Tambourine!  We’ll aim to get your books and materials to you on Sunday, March 24th.

There are 3 weeks remaining: March 17th, 24th, and 31st.  The 31st is an 11th week – great to get a little bonus value out of your semester, and an opportunity for a make-up if you were away.

Make-up Class & Free Demo Classes

To take advantage of the March 31st Make-up, or extra class, you must call the office to put your name down.  We will be having this class on March 31st at 11:00 a.m. and only having a 10:00 a.m. class if we go over capacity.

This is Easter Sunday, but the slightly later start time will be a great prelude to a Brunch, and a great way to have an extra bit of time for the 10:00 folks!

Spring Semester Begins April 7th

There is no break between collections, we’re going right into Tambourine at the start of April.  Be sure to fire the CDs into the players and get the new songs in your ears.  Mums and Dads should also try to get them going on the way to school, and come up with ideas.  If you try things in class, we’ll follow YOU!

Victoria Day Weekend

We will be programming a week off for the Victoria Day weekend.  We hope you enjoy the first long weekend of the warmer seasons!

Songs for Weeks 9, 10, 11

Week 9

  • Drum and Sing
  • Noses and Toes
  • John the Rabbit
  • Sailing Song
  • The Snail and the Mouse
  • Pussycat
  • This Train
  • Rig a Jig Jig
  • They Come Back
  • Tomorrow’s Now Today

Week 10

  • Drum and Sing
  • Biddy Biddy
  • John the Rabbit
  • My Ball
  • There’s a Cobbler
  • Sneak and Peek
  • Playin’ in the Kitchen
  • Everybody Loves Saturday Night
  • They Come Back
  • Duérmete Niño Bonito

Week 11 – Make-up and Demo Class

FAVOURITES! Ask Barn or Emma for your favourite songs and we’ll try to program them into a regular class plan for this week!  Have a friend you want to bring this week?  We’d love to have them!  Just give us a call so we don’t overbook the class.

Spring Semester Class Information

Music Together Tambourine Collection LogoDates & Times

The Tambourine Collection of Songs will run from Sunday, April 7th, until Sunday, June 16th, 2013.

There will be no class on Sunday, May 19th, for the Victoria Day long-weekend.  Enjoy!


If you did not set up your registration as a pre-authorized payment your spot in the class is not guaranteed.

You can keep your spot by calling the office today at 416-651-7529 with a credit card, or by bringing a void cheque to class before the end of the semester.  We are currently filling any spots that are not confirmed by pre-authorized payment, so call today!

Music & Books

We will give out CDs and Books for the Tambourine collection beginning on Sunday, March 24th.


We have a standing referral discount for families, and their friends!

If  you bring a friend and they register, we’ll give them an instant $50 credit towards registration, and you get the same credit for the next semester (Autumn, in this case).

As a special incentive, if you bring a friend this spring, we’ll give you the discount of $50 instantly towards the current collection, AND we’ll waive next year’s registration fee for all of your children.  Call us at the office for more details, or to see what week we can host your friends: 416-651-7529.

Resources for Registered Families

You may not realize this, but the main Music Together website has a great section on it for families that are registered.

We encourage you to visit this great resource for:

  • Example videos of families singing in real, day-to-day situations
  • Activity suggestions for your and your family
  • Extra images for colouring
  • Tips for learning to play Music Together Songs on your Guitar or Piano at home

…and more!


Visit the Music Together Families Page now!