Hello Everybody!

This update contains a few items for you.

Not Registered Yet? Free Classes End April 17th

If you aren’t registered yet and have been enjoying the classes these first two weeks, it’s not too late! You can register any time, and we’ll happily have you! We’ll be pro-rating for late registrations, too, if you decide to register after the spring start date of April 18th.

If you are a family that is struggling, but still interested, please call us in the office, so we can see about helping you get access.

Books Shipped!

Your books will be in the mail after the long weekend. Expect them to arrive towards the end of the week, or Monday the following week. If you do not receive yours by the 22nd of April, please call the office: 416-651-7529.

Password Changing on/after April 17th

Your book has the password change information included with it. If you are registered and your book is delayed, we can give you this information over the phone.

We Need Your Help

Accompanying your password information and book, you’ll see that we’ve asked for your help in referring other families to us during this time.

We’d really appreciate any referrals you can send our way, and will continue to honour our referral program; 20% off for you and the family you refer, until the end of the school year.

Remember, this program is unlimited, and you can refer as many people as you want. As long as they mention your name, we’ll give you both the discount.

Our whole team thanks you!

We’re Learning Every Day

Thanks for your patience and feedback over the last week as we’ve gained our footing for this new delivery format.

We have very quickly made changes to layout and sound settings to help you get the highest quality experience. If you have any observations that you think would improve what we are doing, please call us and let us know.

Your feedback helps make everyone’s experience better!

We are committed to making your experience an excellent one, whether in-person, or online.