Hi all!

Michelle and Estelle, you were missed!

Nila:  You’re working on the MUSICAL ALPHABET!   This is the key to learning how to read music ALL BY YOURSELF!  Major landmark!  You will complete p. 13 in Full voice, practicing drawing and identifying the notes in the C major scale.  You can also use www.musictheory.net to play the note identifying game we played in class.  Under settings, change the note range to the notes we’ve learned so far, and change accidentals to key signature.  This also comes in an app for iPads called Tenuto.  Have fun!  10 – 15 minutes a day practice.

Hannah:  You’re working on Left and Right, Merrily We Roll Along (for the left hand) and O’er the Deep Blue Sea (for the right hand).  You can practice the patterns with just your fingers on any table top using table taps!  Make sure to hit the keys with the tips of your fingers, just like in the ok fingers exercise. 5 – 10 minutes a day practice.