Nice work today! Keep practicing Run and Wake Me Up with the full chord shapes. Practice Run by strumming each chord once. Wake Me Up is a tricky strumming pattern – we will keep working on it. Try to play along to the songs! Practice West Coast this week. Nice job!


Nice work on Sweet Home Alabama and Here Comes the Sun. Keep practicing those tunes, and try to play along to the songs. For next week, practice Another Brick In The Wall, Enter Sandman and The Trooper. Have a listen to all the tunes, as it will help a lot with phrasing and rhythm. Remember, try to practice slow but in time (especially on a tune like The Trooper). Good work!


Great work today! Focus on In My Life this week. Listen to the song and try to get a feel for the structure. Try to play the song all the way through! We will do the melody when you are more familiar with it. Practice Kings and Queens for next week. In addition, practice the melody of Wrecking Ball. There was a lot of new information today but try to remember 2 things: the idea of inversions (taking fingers off our bar chord shapes), and that new C bar chord shape. Great job!



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