Hi everyone, thanks for all your attention yesterday! Here is what I would like you to practice for next time.

Sebastian- Practice playing the basic rock beat, along with some fo the variations like we did in the lesson. Next, work on playing fills and getting right back into the beat.

Ella- Practice moving the Beirut beats up to speed. You have a good grasp on them now, so just gradually bring up the speed on the metronome and it will get to song tempo soon.

Eric- Here is the music to Crazy Train. http://themusicdept.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Drum-Ozzy-Osbourne-Crazy-Train.pdf Try to learn as much of this as you can either by ear or by looking at the chart (preferably a combination of both).

Jonah- Keep practicing all 4 of our calls and responses, and make sure to play the drums every day for at least 10 minutes!!

Noah- Look at both Lessons 4 and 5. Try to get through as much as you can over break. If certain beats give you trouble, mark them and we will go over them in our next lesson.

Sylvie- Look at Lesson 4 and write in the countings for the tricky ones. In addition, try to keep jamming with your drums or some homemade shakers.

Koel- Finish up Lesson 4 over break. Be sure to write in countings for the difficult beats.

For all of you going away, I hope you have wonderful breaks!! A few of you I look forward to seeing next week. Have fun practicing everyone!!