Hello Everybody!

Please click here for the newest version of the make-up schedule.  We recommend deleting the last version to avoid confusion.

Important Notes About Make-Ups

  • You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529. Not able to make it? You must call for this, too, or you could lose your make-up.
  • If you do not confirm you will lose your make-up(s).
  • In some cases your make-up may be scheduled ahead of the make-up week (Jonny, Abigail, & Cynthia’s students take note!)
  • Make-ups do not carry past the end of June.
  • Your lesson time may not be the same as normal, may be longer, and you may have additional days/times. Take care to see you don’t miss this.
  • If you are owed make-ups, and you do not see your name listed, it is because we are unable to schedule your make-up at this time. You can call with questions.


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