Hello Everybody!

We’ve recently had a question about how we handle informing you about possible contacts with Covid in our classes.

When we hear from someone that they have a positive result, or a possible contact, we follow the following steps:

  • We gather as much information from the reporting person as is possible.  Because we are dealing with personal health information, we ask for as much information as the person is comfortable giving, such as whether or not your child may have been wearing a mask (even though we do not require this for Music Together).  We appreciate any information you can pass on to us, so we can make the best decisions possible, but understand that health matters are private matters, and appreciate the report that helps us keep the other members of your class community safe.
  • We currently have our teachers take a rapid antigen to check their status.
  • We inform you, our families, that we have had a potential contact as soon as possible, and pass on the information that we have collected (minus any private or personal information).  This applies to families that may be at the same location on the same day, even if you were not in the same class, as a precaution and for transparency.  If you receive this call it will be following the class for which we have received the report.  If there is any longer interval or report delay after the class, we will let you know.

I would also like to let you know that while we have had 2 reports of cases for families in our classes, no cases have been reported being contracted in our classes.  This means that our approaches to limited numbers, vaccination requirements, adult masking, and distancing are working and protecting you.

The pandemic being at the two year mark, we sympathize with your fatigue and frustrations around this.  We will continue to to go above and beyond in our approach to safety and information to make sure you have a predictable and stable experience to the extent that the situation allows.  As you know, we have been moving in seasonal/quarterly decision making about our approach, and will update you about spring towards the end of March.

As restrictions look to be eased, it is very likely that we will keep our current and higher level or restrictions in place longer than those recommended by the province.  If we choose to do this it will be because we want to continue to reassure you, but also to take note that past easing of restrictions were not always successful, and we would much rather err on the side of a slightly longer period of safety in your interest than to take any chances with the health of you and your loved ones.

As always, please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are happy to speak to you.  416-651-7529.