As we have tried to move quickly for keeping your lessons going, I made a small error in how these lessons get set up for you, which over complicated things.

So, if you received an email or text up to and including March 17th, please disregard the link and information contained in those messages.

We’ve simplified this process down to a simple link that you will use for both your make-up lessons, and your regular lessons at their respectively scheduled times.

Use the link for your teacher listed below each time you have a lesson. Bookmark this page for quick access and if your teacher’s link is not yet active.

If you arrive early, you may arrive at the end of someone else’s lesson. This is OK. Just mute your microphone (and optionally your camera) until your time. We are expecting this, and it should cause no interruption.

I will likewise be monitoring these lessons (so you may see me appear) to make sure that the quality of your experience and the connection on the teacher’s side is of the quality that you come to expect. Above all we are working to deliver the same quality digitally that you are used to receiving from us in person.

If there is any question, please call the office – 416-651-7529. We are getting to calls as quickly as possible, so thank you in advance for your patience and support.