Hi Emma-

I’m excited to work with you! You’re going to be very easy to teach, and I can tell you’ll pick up on things quickly. What I need you to do for this week:

Please either purchase Maxime Alphonse Book 1, or download it for free (legally) from imslp.org and print it out before the next lesson. Begin to work on the first etude.

Please purchase Kopprasch Book 1. (The copy of this book that is on imslp is extremely hard to read. It’s worth paying for it instead.)

I’m not sure if we’ll get to this anytime soon, but I’d like to also begin working on solo repertoire with you. Please either purchase Mozart Concerto No. 1. Make sure that you buy the edition that is horn in F. Most editions are not in F (I will explain later). If this is too confusing, don’t worry about it.

In terms of maintenance, please purchase a mouthpiece brush and a snake (the music store you go to will know what this means), so that way you can keep up with cleaning your horn properly. Make sure to oil it at least once a week (ideally every three days), and grease the slides whenever they get dry.

Please continue to work on your breathing. Be really strict with yourself and set high standards, otherwise you will never fully improve. Make sure that each time you breathe in to play the horn, you’re breathing through your mouth, not just your nose.

See you next week!