Schedule Changes, Additions, Upgrades

At the moment our class schedule for fall 2013 is in development, but our current Sunday class will likely remain the same.  We hope to add another class on Sunday morning, and perhaps one or two on Saturday afternoon.

In a change of basic scheduling, we have decided to run next year’s classes without long weekends.  This means that classes will basically run consistently from October through June, excluding all long weekends (Thanksgiving, Family Day, Easter, Victoria Day) Christmas Holidays (2 weeks in December, 1 in January), and two Saturdays in March for Spring Break.  Based on our experience, this is going to make for a much better experience for your children, as classes tend to be less well attended during these periods, through which we have had classes in the past.

Billing and Rate Changes

In tandem with our scheduling changes, our billing structure and rates will also be changing.

Billing will move from semesterly, to monthly billing, effective immediately for future classes and semesters.  Our withdrawal policy will be updated to reflect this new billing format.

Rates will also be changing to reflect the monthly schedule, and can be seen by visiting our Music Together Rates page.  These rates are an increase from our rates this year.

2 Special offers

Until June 30th of this year, we will be offering a discounted rate of $70.69 for the first child, and 42.26 for siblings to our existing students.  This is a 10% reduction on the rates of next year, which is the equivalent of a free month, and which you can keep for all of next year.

This discount is one that stands at all times, so if you want to take advantage of it, you can do it repeatedly throughout the year.

When you refer a new family to ABC Academy, we will apply a $50 credit to the remaining payments in the academic year, lowering your monthly payment for however many months are left that year.  There is no limit to how many families and friends you can refer.  If you have referred so many families that your classes are free, and want to still refer people, we’ll start to write you cheques for this amount each time.  The family does have to mention your referral at the time of registration, however!