Hello Everybody!

A few updates on our Recital.  View this schedule online every few days to see the latest version – there will be no further emails about it.  Music Together and Rhythm Kids families are welcome to join us!


Pass: ABCAcademy123

Don’t forget the Root Down Studio is at 225 Geary Ave., near Dufferin and Dupont.

If you are playing at noon, please do not enter the studio before 11:50, as we will have soundcheck for the Rock Bands.


Please note that actual performance order may vary.  CLICK HERE for the completed Recital program.

12:00 – FULL

Maleeya M.
Haven M.
Jett KV
Mazin C
Natalia M
Emet W
Kollel W
Simone PA
Anastasiya J
Eliana SF
Julia C
Choir – cancelled
Rock Band I – call time 11:00

1:00 – FULL • Alejandra Attending

Rock Band II – call time 12:50
Rock Band I
Daniela GN
Nate M
Zoë A
Ava B
Maria I
Avril S
Osten S
Madison S
Abirami I

2:00 • Jonny & Ben Attending

Rock Band II
Ian N
William McD
Amelia A
Oscar MB
Claire M
Carmen F