Hello Team,

This note applies to those of you that are Band & Orchestral instrument instructors (plus Lexie!).

School Clinic

Last year we piloted a school clinic that was complicated by the labour issues between the province and the teachers.  It was a morning of instructing beginners on their instruments.  We saved the school teachers a couple of weeks of work and accelerated their progress by doing this.

We are working towards doing a full-day event this year.  A full-day event could take a school’s program to new heights.

Mark the dates

At this time, there is no guarantee we will be able to have a full-day event, and we may yet revert to the half-day model.  However, we are pitching it as a full day event, and in order to give you adequate notice for scheduling, please mark down OCTOBER 11th (Friday), and 19th (Saturday) into your calendars as potential dates.

As you know, I like to give a minimum of 60 days notice for our mandatory events, but working with a school, principal, and parents makes this a challenge.  I’d like to thank you in advance for holding these dates.  I promise to update you with news as it becomes more concrete.

Why it is a Must

We are the only school in town, to my knowledge, that is committed to orchestral instruments.  This is a hard commitment to maintain, because the ‘Rock and Roll’ instruments are the popular ones.  It would be easy to just stick with those, because they are easier to make money on, but I firmly believe in orchestral music and instruments, so we have been making a concerted effort to make an impact in this area.

This event is part outreach and part promotion.  It would make little to no sense, however, for us to promote our school with teachers that are not ABC teachers.  So, this is why it is a mandatory event for us.  You rock, and we want those kids to come and study with you.

Last Notes

If we do the full-day option, breakfast and lunch will be provided.  If we only do morning, breakfast will be provided.

For the full-day there will be two 1.5 hour sessions for musical instruction.  Goals, and basic event training will be provided at the breakfast.

The day will pay an honorarium.  We are aiming for $100 for the day.  Last year this was administered through the school, on our invoices.  This may work differently this year, but we won’t know until later.

If you have questions or concerns, please float them as soon as possible, as it will get harder to make changes and/or accommodation as we get closer.  Thank you!