Hello Parents and Students!

We have prepared a preliminary make-up week schedule.  Click to download and view it now.  The make-up week runs from December 16th to 22nd, inclusive, except for Jennifer W’s students, who are asked to consider the 13th for an extra make-up.

Each day of the week is listed on a separate page, including two Fridays (13th and 20th), which is a day we normally don’t teach.  You should check your regular day with care, and refer to a secondary day, if it is indicated in brackets on your normal day.  Colour coding  is used to indicate the status of your lesson, and we will send out updated versions for you to view.

Not Listed?  Not All Make-ups Scheduled?  Listed twice?

In some cases, you may be owed a lesson but are not listed at present.  Likewise, you may have more make-ups owed than are listed.  You may even be listed for 2 lessons during the course of this week.  For each of these situations there are a practical list of considerations that affect why you may fall into one of those categories.  You may be the only person owed a make-up for the teacher, or we may not have the ability to make a make-up work during this period.  If you are listed twice, it is because we can make the schedule work, and that we feel that you have a situation that requires us to add the extra one.

You MUST Confirm.

All students must confirm your availability (and non-availability) by December 11th – you should do so by telephone, and leave a message indicating your availability if we are unable to help you in person.  If you do not confirm, we cannot guarantee to make up your currently owed lessons this academic year.

Call to confirm now at 416-651-7529.

Missed Make-ups

There are no make-ups for make-ups.  If you miss your make-up, the lesson is gone.  This is due to our very limited scheduling opportunities for these lessons, and in consideration of our teachers’ professional schedules.