Hello Everybody!

This is a reminder of what lessons and activities are happening this weekend. It is very simple:

Lessons: YES Saturday & Sunday only

Music Together: NO

Rock Band: NO

Please remember to come to your regular lessons on Saturday and Sunday.


March Break runs from March 11-17th at ABC Academy. There are no regularly scheduled lessons at this time.

Note that this means we are teaching regular lessons during the first weekend of the public school break, on Saturday and Sunday, March 9th & 10th.

The week of 11-17 March is used for Make-ups if both teacher and student are available, and if we have make-ups to do.

We will send out a preliminary schedule for this period towards the end of February. Please call with any questions. 416-651-7529.

3-Ring Binders – Do Yor Have Some?

If you happen to have some 3-ring binders that are cluttering your space, we could use 6-10 for our Rock Band Library. 1″ or 1.5″ rings would be ideal. Give us a call if you would be able to donate them – 416-651-7259.