Hello Everybody!

Please read this very important note, it is full of details to help get you off to the smoothest possible start.

We are looking forward to getting back to regular lesson immediately after Labour Day, on Tuesday, September 4th.

Have you booked your time?  If not, please call the office right away.  Otherwise, you should start on your regular day and time soon.  You’ll get your reminder and confirmation request two days before your lesson.

Not Sure?  Log into your account with your email address and see your schedule.  We use WellnessLiving, so don’t be alarmed that that is where you land to log in.

NEW – Choir & Percussion Ensemble

CHOIR – Kids 10-14 – Free in October/November

Register now for our first Kids’ Choir.  Sessions will be Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. at Tiger Dragon Martial Arts, at 149 Oakwood, above the Circle ‘K’ convenience store.

This is open to anyone in the community.

The choir will perform at our Fall Recital.

PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE – Kids with 2 years instrument experience, or teacher recommendation 

Register now for our first Percussion Ensemble.  Sessions will be Sundays at 4:00 p.m. at Tiger Dragon Martial Arts, at 149 Oakwood, above the Circle ‘K’ convenience store.

There is no age restriction on this group, per se, but either 2 years of experience or a teacher recommendation will be required to join.

Preference will be given to ABC students, but community inquiries will be welcome.

Annual Schedules

Download your location-appropriate annual schedule and post it on your board or fridge:



Note that your dates may differ if you are registered at both locations.

Did you know we have a second location at Bayview and Lawrence, ‘Lawrence Park’?  Tell your friends!  Same great ABC service and experience is available in this part of town!

Goodbye, Hello!

Every year ABC sees some rotation on our team.  We actually make efforts to choose teachers who are so vital and good, and are likely to have amazing opportunities in the future.  Why?  Because we believe that this passion, excellence of skill, and drive, are all transmitted to our students.

This year is no exception, and some of our team has either taken a leave, or have gone on to bigger, better things.  In some cases, some teachers are coming back!

On Leave:

  • Jonny Smith – teaching Thursdays only this year as he completes his doctorate.  He will be back on Saturdays next year.  Taking over Saturdays this year is Naoko Tsujita.  Naoko is one of our regular team, and a Music Together Teacher.

Leaving are:

Joining or re-joining the Team:

There may be one or two more additions in the coming weeks.

What does this mean for students?  You may see your schedule adjusted to a new teacher.  Our priority is to keep you at your original day and time, and to match you with a suitable teacher for your needs.  

Do students need to do anything?  YES!  If you switch teachers, it is absolutely necessary for you to sign up for the new teacher’s Homework Post.  Do this by visiting the appropriate teacher page on our website for your location:



Click on your teacher, scroll down to the orange section, and sign up for the correct day of the week that you will be having lessons on.

If you do not do this, you will not receive your homework by email.  You can always visit the teacher’s page, but it is highly recommended that you sign up for the email.

For 4-8 Year Olds – If You Have One, Try This Class!

If you haven’t already tried our amazing Rhythm Kids program, visit the page on our website and try our FREE demo class on September 23.

This is incredible amounts of fun!

The demo will be mixed ages, but typical classes run in two levels for 4-6 and 6-8 year olds so they have the correct, age-appropriate level of experience.

Both levels will run this fall at our Oakwood location.

Level I will run at Lawrence Park (but may change pending demand), unless you are a Grade 2 TFS student.  There will be a special Level II class after school for TFS Students only at 4pm on Wednesdays.

Call us now to book.  416-651-7529.


You may know about our amazing referral program, but this is the time of year to really make the most of it and save hundreds of dollars!

Refer a new Family to ABC and get 20% OFF to the end of the school year.  It’s that simple.  It’s also unlimited within the school year, so you keep getting 20% OFF for each family referred.  You get this off your one most expensive set of Music Lessons or Music Together Classes.

Your friend also gets 20% OFF until the end of the school year – for all family members (except siblings in Music Together classes, which are already heavily discounted).

Take your 20%, put it into your child’s RESP, and the Federal Government will match your contribution with another 20% (up to an annual maximum).

We have families that are getting upwards of 40% this school year.  Take advantage and make the most of the coming school year and tell your friends today!  They don’t even have to be your friends…as long as they tell us your name, everyone qualifies.

Thank You!

Long note, we know!  Keep it handy so you can refer back to it over the next few weeks.  As always, if you have any questions, just call us:  416-651-7529.


Barnaby & the ABC Teaching Team