Hi Team,

Over the last 3 years we have always had at least one student, or more, that we have found out did not have an instrument.  This discovery generally occurred well into the school year.  This has often been with Piano and Drums.

So, I would ask you, regardless of what it is you teach, to please take the time this week, and for all future new students, to assure that your student has an instrument at home that they can regularly practice.  We may think this is obvious, but checking will save grief with some students!

In the event that you encounter a student in this situation, remember to be sensitive – it is possible that there is a financial consideration.  Try to get the information, and have the parent come see me.  We have, on occasion, helped families to get instruments by a variety of means.

Breaks on ABC Online & View

I have begun to program breaks into the online schedule.  If you have any questions about them, let me know.  These can be moved to accommodate lessons that may shift around them.

The main login view has also been adjusted to your Appointment schedule, since that is where you will be spending most of your time.  You can click on ‘Dashboard’ if you would like to go there.