Casey Ann,

Warm up : scales : C , D, E, G, A major and minor , formula patterns, Dominant 7th solid and broken

In progress : Away from home – focus on the second page, have LH chords ready

New : Sailor moon – HS/ HT (try few lines)

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)


Warm up : C major scales – 1 octave, HS

In progress : Indian song , keep your wrist relaxed (LH chords)

New : Skipping frogs (skip a key – skip a finger)

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G and D major scales and triads, 1 octave, HS/HT

Review : Blue Scales (by memory)

New : Red River Valley – HS , have the chords LH ready , G position (F sharp)

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G major ; A minor scales and triads

Review : Famous people – C position

New : Skip to my Lou , HS

By memory : Alley Cats’ choir; Haunted Mouse (A minor)

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up : Scales C, G, D major and triads

Review : Why am I blue

New : Blues scales – C major/ C minor (alternate)

Red River Valley – G position, HS/HT

(practice time : 20 minutes day)


Warm up: C, G, D, A major scales and triads

Review : Olympic Procession – have LH chords ready, add pedal

New : Stand by me – HS

Last summer night – HS

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G, D, A and E major scales and triads

Review : In the Hall of the mountain king

In progress : Overture – watch for the position changes (LH chords)

New : Turkish March – A minor harmonic (G sharp)

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)