Hi Barsam,

Note to the parents: Barsam can try a full size violin. He played on a full size violin yesterday ( in and outside of violin class) and said ” it felt fine.” Especially if there isn’t a 3/4 size violin available for him to rent, a full size violin is a possible option. Barsam actually seemed quite enthusiastic about renting a full size violin. Also Barsam thought he could borrow a friends (full size violin) for next class. This way, he can play on a full size violin in his violin lesson, try it out and see if it works for him. So, Barsam will bring a violin into his next lesson!

Homework Assignment: Review the definition of a scale. How many notes are in a scale? Where are the half steps? Where are the half steps in an A major scale? What are the names of the first finger on A string? Second finger on A string? Third finger on A string?

Review notes in space and notes on the line. – Rhythm: quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes. When you have a chance to practice on a violin: practice A major scale :/ 60 beats/ quarter note. Play with bow: separate bows.

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday!



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