Good effort today, guys!!  For those of you who are playing for the recital, you are in pretty good shape now!


Remember to keep your wrists HIGH, and to NEVER try to play with the palms of your hands resting on the piano.  Practicing hands separately saying the names of the notes out loud as you play will help you better recognize the notes and in which clef.  Also, please try to tell ‘an interesting story’ with the way you articulate your fingers in the hand playing the melody.


Remember to MOVE to the strong beats as your fingers articulate, as you play.  Also, your right (melodic) hand should ALWAYS be louder than your left hand (the accompaniment) for the pieces you’re currently playing.  Remember, you’re not just playing notes, you should be creating interesting and beautiful sounds that tell a story!!


Formidable!!   Excellent concentration and effort in the lesson.  Just, please now, apply what we went over in your pieces when you practice this week, so you don’t forget it.  Remember to MOVE your body as you articulate keys on strong beats, and that to get a bright, ‘punchy’ sound from the keys, one must play on their fingertips.  Right/melodic hand should ALWAYS tell an interesting and beautiful story through the sounds you make as you articulate keys.