Awesome work on Dill Pickles this week, Maz!!!  I am really impressed with how your patience with practicing/working your songs has matured over the last few months.  Keep it up!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day, or an hour if you can/like!

What to practice: Songs listed in your notebook.

How to practice it most effectively: As described in the lesson and in your notebook.


Another great lesson today, Michael! Remember that when things seem not to be working/sounding as well as they were before while practicing, to attempt the passage again in slow motion, and to ALWAYS keep moving to the rhythm!!

Minutes to practice: As much as you like/can!!

What to practice: The pieces in the book we covered today marked with today’s date, as well as any pieces in the other study book you would like to work on.

How to practice it most effectively: As described above. 

How parents can support practice: To make sure Maz has enough time to devote to practice!