Ella- Minutes: 30
What to practice: Finish up Should I Stay or Should I Go, work on drags
How to practice: Listen and play along to the song a few times to help internalize it.

Sylvie- Minutes: 30
What to practice: Circled roll rudiments (open rolls), flam, flam tap, paradiddle, double paradiddle.
How to practice: Work on the “2 for 1” stroke for open rolls. Each arm movement gives two notes. Practice this and the other circled rudiments with a metronome at a comfortable speed, then try to increase the speed a bit every day. Next week I’ll bring some drum kit stuff and we can work more on that!

Eric- Minutes: 30
What to practice: Rudiments with kick and hi hat keeping time (kick on 1 and 3, hi hat on 2 and 4). Flam tap, drag, paradiddles. Back in Black with track, and think of a new song you want to learn.
How to practice: Play the rudiments circled on your sheet with your feet keeping time along with a metronome or some music you like at a comfortable tempo. Try doing what we did with drags and shift them across the beat. Play along with Back in Black a few more times to internalize the form, and then practice the fills along with the track.

Great work this week, I can tell you are all practicing! Thanks a lot for all your work, I’m looking forward to continuing on this progress.

See you soon!


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